Demoliton to start this week

28 11 2011

Got a phone call from our demolisher, VicWide Demolition that they will begin the demolition job this week. Yay! I quickly organised to have the temporary fencing to be put up. We obtained quotes from several fencing companies a few weeks back so all we had to do was to pick one of the cheaper quotes and go with it. In regards to fencing quotes, I found they all came in around the same price but its still worthwhile to ring around.

The turnaround to have the fencing delivered and installed is quick, usually around 24 hours. I ran in the morning and signed the paperwork by lunch time. Usually the cut off is 11am to have fencing put up the next day, but the office people were good and booked the fencing in for tomorrow.

Tonight, we need to go around and remove a tree we want to keep before the demolisher flattens the whole place.




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