D-Day: The demolition has started

1 12 2011

The temporary security fence from Australian Temporary Fencing (ATF) Services went up yesterday morning.  The fence is required whilst demolition is in progress and will need to remain until the builders get on site.  When the building construction starts, the builders will setup their own fence.  So until then I will need to supply the fence to prevent people coming onto the property although it will just be a piece of dirt.  We organised a 9 month hire as we weren’t sure when the building construction will start and Christmas is only just over 3 weeks away.  There wasn’t much of a price difference between a 6 or 9 month hire (approx $50).  However, if you went for a 6 month hire and had to extend the cost would be significantly more.

The person who installed the fence seemed to be in a hurry to get to another job.  He didn’t set up the fence correctly on the left side of the property, although we were very explicit and clear where it should go.  There are bushes and trees which need to be removed on the other side (outside) of the fence.  We will now need to make sure the demolisher doesn’t forget to removes those as well.

Today was the first day the demolisher started work.  The roof tiles were removed and most of the garage has gone.  There was some additional asbestos in the eaves which were not obvious until the roof tiles were removed.  The demolition job may take a little longer than anticipated due to the additional asbestos.

Here are some initial progress pictures




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