Laminex samples

1 12 2011

Above are some of the Laminex samples we have collected so far.  The Laminex samples you get at Studio M or at most kitchen and bathroom showrooms are quite small (3 depicted at the bottom of the image).  We have found the small samples don’t give a good indication of the colour and patterns compared to what you see at the display homes.

Kristen went to the Laminex showroom in Melbourne (130 Sharps Road, Melbourne Airport) to pick  up some larger samples (8 depicted at the top of the image). The showroom had a larger selection of colours and samples compared with Studio M and the person in the showroom was really helpful and answered lots of questions. Kristen was able to get four of the larger samples which is the maximum number that they are able to give you. They did give us a contact number for the customer service centre (1800 002 204) so that we could phone up to order more. Kristen rang and ordered them yesterday and they arrived today, pretty prompt service hey!!  As you would expect, the showroom also had lots of cupboard and benchtop samples (again a much larger selection than Studio M) so you can get a better idea of what the colours look like on a larger scale.

(PS. Kristen would advise not to drive down the one way street the wrong way when driving into the showroom carpark!!)




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