A trip to Beaumont Tiles

3 12 2011

Today we took a trip to Beaumont Tiles in Oakleigh to prepare for our tile selections.  Beaumont Tiles is Metricon’s tile supplier and today was our second trip to the showroom.  On our first trip we took home 5 sample tiles to match with the various other colour samples we have for our benchtops and cupboards.

We have seen several displays with beige tiles which we liked.  At the moment we are thinking along the lines of:

  • Harmony Beige (300 x 600) for floors and walls throughout the wet areas (laundry and bathrooms)
  • Minimal Chocolate (300 x 600) for the shower recesses as a bit of a feature in the bathrooms




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5 12 2011
Paul Mooney (@PaulGMooney)

Hi Guys.

Just a hint. If you’re having the same tiles throughout your living areas downstairs, but want to save some money….go to Beaumonts in Dandenong and order the same floor tiles there. They will link the order to the Metricon order so they will be from the same batch. You’ll also find you will pay a LOT less than going through the builder; and they can also recommend tilers as well. We did this and ended up getting 600 x 600 porcelain laid for the same cost as the cheapest ceramic 300 x 300 in the builders range! Also, if you ask your supervisor NOT to lay the laundry tiles, you can get your tiler to do that later so all floor tiles from powder room match up! (IYKWIM)


5 12 2011


Thanks for the tip – that’s really good to know. I have noticed that colours from different batches can vary a lot.


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