Timber floor choice and samples galore

10 12 2011

Yesterday we received our timber floor sample from Boral by courier. We received 2 strips of 370mm long x 133mm wide and by joining them together we have got a nice colour sample that we can match with our other selections.

The Boral Silkwood Timber Floor colour we have decided on is Blackbutt.

Blackbutt has a Janka hardness rating (relative measure of resistance to impact and wear) of  of 9.1.  The hardness rating is a consideration to ensure it is durable enough for foot traffic (and kids!) – if you go to display homes you can see dents in the floor where people have walked in with high heals.

Boral Silkwood Blackbutt

Below is the collection of samples of Laminex and Caesarstone we have accumulated over the past weeks (see previous post on larger Laminx samples).

You can see underneath the samples the 2 tiles we have selected to go with for the wet areas.

Laminex, Caesarstone and Tiles

We now have most of the samples we need to come up with our choices…..




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