Brick Samples

9 01 2012

Today Kristen took a drive to Boral Bricks in Thomastown to pick up some samples of the two brick colours we are considering – Kurrajong and Mocha.  Both are from their Horizon Riverside range.

Each sample pack comes with 3 of the same bricks with polystyrene in between which kind of gives you an idea of what the bricks would look like with mortar.  With 3 bricks, the sample packs are quite heavy but nicely packaged to carry.  Snap!

At Boral they also have a display yard with their range which you can go and view anytime.  We found their displays very useful in helping us narrow down our selection.  We did this last week while they were closed during the Christmas break.

We are leaning towards the Kurrajong which is only a category 2 upgrade. The Mocha is a category 4B which means more $$ if we decide to go with it. Given we like both choices and the Kurrajong is going to be cheaper we think this is the one we will eventually go with.

The sales people at Boral were very friendly and helpful. We asked for a list of addresses of houses built using either bricks which they happily provided. We are planning to take a drive to look at some of them this weekend to make sure we are happy with our choice.  We will also look at matching the bricks with the other external colours (render, roof, downpipes etc).

Boral Bricks Sample Packs

Boral Brick - Kurrajong

Boral Brick- Mocha




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