Preliminary Contract Plans Received by Email

16 01 2012

Today we received our preliminary contract plans by email from Karen, our Customer Support Co-ordinator (CSC). How exciting!!!!

We will go over the plans in detail over the coming days. But one obvious thing we noticed in a glance over of the plans was the missing outdoor room extension. We were notified last year that we couldn’t get the Grand Outdoor Room due to the amount of cut needed out the back, however, we were advised we should be able to get some sort of smaller extension.  I have sent an email back to Karen asking her to clarify this.

Looking at the documents, it seems like we will need to apply for three Rescode Report and Consent items with the council.  We will apply for this ourselves as the owners with the help of our close friend who is a seasoned designer.




3 responses

19 01 2012
Cameron & Kirsten

Hi Chris and Kristen, I jsut stumbled across your blog on the Homeone Forum.

We are almost at lockup of a knockdown rebuild in Inner East/SE Melbourne. OUrs is a Nelson 43 with Metricon.

Our blog is

Feel free to go over and have a read/follow along.


20 01 2012


Thanks for dropping by. Will definitely have a read – thanks for letting me know.


19 01 2012
Cameron & Kirsten

Hi Chris and Kristen,

I just stumbled across your blog via Homeone. We are building a Nelson 43 with Metricon (knockdown-rebuild) in Inner E/SE Melbourne.

Feel free to have a look at our blog. We are almost at lock up and it has been a bumpy ride so far.


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