An unwanted setback today

20 01 2012

Today we received a call from our CSC at Metricon to inform us about some asbestos found on our block when the construction manager inspected the site earlier in the week.  Metricon will not start any work unless the site is clear of asbestos – and we would not expect them to.  It seems our demolisher Amor and Moe from VicWide Demolition didn’t finish the job properly by cleaning up and decontaminating the site.  We have  previously asked VicWide Demolition to produce an asbestos clearance certificate, but they have not provided one as yet.

After reading a few blogs, it seems finding asbestos residual after demolition may not be that uncommon – from Cam & Kirsten’s Blog:

The other issue that we have been dealing with this week was post-demolition asbestos residue. All homes built about the time our original old house was, have asbestos in one form or another. We had asbestos removal done prior to demolition but some more residue was spotted along the fence boundaries by out site supervisor last week and we needed that cleaned up before Metricon will send anyone to site start, and that’s fair enough. Jim the demolisher was onto it quickly and to cut a long story short, we have had another site clean and Metricon is now in possession of another independent asbestos clearance certificate.

We are waiting for Metricon to provide more specific details about what they found.  Our next task is to get an asbestos removalist to decontaminate the site and provide an asbestos clearance certificate.  Hopefully, we will get this resolved quickly.




One response

20 01 2012

Hey guys, sorry to hear about the asbestos issue although it is pretty common in old inner city house like the ones we knocked down. Our demolisher organised for the same asbestos removal company who did the initial removal to cone back and clean up a second time. They were called Seven Lea Clearances. This is really your demolishers responsibility to leave an asbestos clear site (hopefully it was included in your quote). We didn’t pay them until they gave us the clearance. If you do need the details for Seven Lea, email us privately and I’ll pass it on. Good Luck, this is just a little bump on a long and bumpy ride! 😉

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