Having fun (and lightening our wallets) at Studio M

11 02 2012

Today was colour selection appointment at Studio M, yay!!!

We arrived right on 9am to start our selections with our colour consultant, Fran. We went along with many of our selections already made up in our minds such as our bricks, timber floors and kithen and laundry cupboard colours. We had a rough idea of the colours that we thought might work for the exterior render colour scheme but happily took expert advice from Fran who really helped us consolidate what it was we really wanted. She was very patient and helpful with all of her suggestions which enabled us to put together a colour palet that flowed through the rest of our selections.

We felt that we moved through the selection process quite easily because we had done a lot of research prior to our appointment. We couldn’t help but notice another couple who were also there for their colour appointment who hadn’t done any preparation and seemed to really struggle. The lesson, preparation is the key!!! When you think how much money you are investing into your new home, you want it to look amazing so it only makes sense to have a good idea about what you want beforehand. As it was, it took us about three and a half hours to go through all the various stages of the process and that was with us knowing a lot of what we wanted already. Had we gone in cold we wouldn’t have got through everything and been able to feel comfortable with our selections.

In addition to Fran, we also delt with Diana our timber flooring consultant who was fabulous, Lyn who was our window furnishings consultant who came up with a beautiful curtain selection which is something we wouldn’t have thought of ourselve but we think it is going to look amazing and Sam who was our carpet consultant who was very honest and helpful.  Sam mentioned that we had made a wise choice in selecting timber for our stairs as it will wear a lot better than carpet. He also mentioned that with our timber flooring we are selecting a species of timber not a colour. As a result, don’t expect to always get the same colour you see in the show room or sample you have.

We finished around 1pm, after four hours and all in all we feel that we had a very successful visit to Studio M today and are really happy with everything we picked and had heaps of fun in the process.

To view our selection click here or the tab ‘Colour Selections’ in the menu above.




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13 02 2012
Paul Mooney (@PaulGMooney)

We were organised too, but it took us all day! But we had 5 bathrooms to get selections done. Make sure you check the completed colour schedule as it’s easy for mistakes to be made. We specified shadowline cabinets in kitchen, butlers pantry and laundry. It was in the contract, but only mentioned in the colour schedule for the kitchen. Didn’t notice this until the cabinets and benchtops were installed. Fortunately it could be fixed because the cabinet makers mistakenly made provision for it in butlers and laundry!

Congratulations on the Nolan. We loved that design too, but the Lindrum suited our block better.

19 02 2012

How did you guys go with the electrical appt? We are building a Grandview, we have our Internal colours and electrical all in one day next week. be interested to get some feedback on what to expect.

19 02 2012

Hi Phil,

We’ll let you know – our eletrical is next week. The colours was lots of fun, and 4 hours went pretty quick. We were well prepared so we were very comfortable with the decisions we made on the day. We noticed another couple on the same day really struggle – I believe they were not prepared and had to make another time to come back.


19 02 2012

We are wednesday, so i’ll let you know how we go as well. Then we’ve only got tiles to sort out.

good luck!

24 02 2012

So how did you go?
We got through pretty well. thought we did pretty well anyway. got most of our wish list but left a few things until after handover ie fitting off ceiling fans and some other lights.

25 02 2012

Hi Phil,

We were happy with the process and our selections….just not the final price 🙂
We are still waiting on the central cooling price. And admittently we did put in a lot of LEDs which were expensive, along with compact fluros downlights – most of them on the ground floor. We wanted some of the rooms to have a dimmer and they couldn’t install the dimmer to compact fluros as they can’t be dimmed so we went with LEDs. I guess we could install the dimmer afterwards when we change to halogen bulbs (halogen can be dimmed), but figured we have a lot of other things to do after handover so paying for a bit of convenience to having it done now.

Which lights are you planning to fit in afterwards?


26 02 2012

Hi Chris,

We had them prewire most of the bedrooms for a ceiling fan+light. few other lights and ceiling fans inside and some external floodies. other than that we got most of what we wanted from the appointment. We’ve made a concious decision not to go for ducted air and also tried to limit the ammount of down lights too. so all in all we got through pretty much pending what we thougt we would. biggest thing we spent money on was the optical hub. came away feeling like we got value for the spend which is the main thing!

just the tile appointment now…. I’ll be quite glad when there is no more choices to make.


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