Homes cracking under pressure

25 02 2012

During the week A Current Affair aired an investigation describing Aussie dream homes crumbling in one of the most wide-spread building disasters.  But it seems that no one can be held accountable, except mother nature.

As we are about to build our dream home, we were a bit concerned after watching this segment especially with Metricon being mentioned.  Did anyone else see this?  What are your thoughts?

Video Link: Homes breaking under pressure




3 responses

26 02 2012

Thank you for posting this, we found this very informative and will now be going back over to see what type of soil we have.

27 02 2012

Thank you for the link! We are still in paperwork stage, still waiting.
Hoping Metricon will do better for the coming builds with all those kind of news.

27 02 2012
Paul Mooney (@PaulGMooney)

Metricon provide information at handover about landscaping to minimise these issues. They use information provided by the CSIRO. I believe it is more of a problem in heavy clay based soils and a result of many years of drought drying out the soil more than usual. The best thing to do is make sure any water runs away from the house and does not pool near/under the slab. This can cause slab heaving which means as the soil expands and contracts as it rains and dries out, the pressure causes movement in the slab which affects walls and masonry. It also means no garden beds around the house perimeter that require heavy watering.

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