The Metricon 2012 Bible

15 04 2012

We just got hold of Metricon’s 2012 Product Book which was just released.  We call it the ‘Metricon Bible’ as it contains all their homes from their different ranges and the available floor plans in a nice 248 page glossy book.  Its very nicely put together, good enough to be a coffee table book.  We find this book more useful in comparing the different house plans than using their website as its quicker to flick through the pages.

One thing we would have liked is a booklet that shows all the different floor plan options and house customisations (eg doors, electricals, cabinetery, structural etc) that are available along with the prices.  I think this would have helped us a lot and also save our Sales Consultant, Melissa and Customer Service Coordinator, Karen a lot of time from answering all our pricing requests.  It would also have helped us by suggesting ideas about what is available as its often “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

The Victorian Product Book can be viewed on the Metricon website here, but we highly suggest you get a physical copy.

Below are the corresponding Nolan pages from the 2012 Product Book.




2 responses

19 04 2012
Metricon Homes

Thank you for the comments on our latest product book. We’re glad you like it and appreciate the feedback.

19 04 2012

No problems. We love the book and has a lot of useful information other than just the floor plans.

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