Final Plans Received And Other Updates

19 04 2012

Here’s a few quick updates:

We have just received our final plans from our Metricon CSC, Karen to review and sign.

Our building permit has been applied for and if all goes well we will receive the permit by early next week.

Metricon has also checked our finances to ensure they don’t build the house for us for free.

Over the weekend, we cleaned up the site a bit to remove some overgrown grass and weeds that have grown since the demolition. Our Site Manager was going to complete his pre-build inspection today, so hopefully the site is o.k. for construction to start.




2 responses

6 08 2012

Hi Chris & Kristen,
We have signed our contract with Metricon a few months back. We have received (after a long delay) the Developer Approval & Property Information Certificate from council and waiting for the final construction drawings and build permit. Based on your experience with Metricon would you be able to comment on the timeframe to receive the final plans, build permit and finally the construction. We are quiet frustrated with the delays within Metricon. Our CSP is not ready to comment on the timeframe. Our friends & colleagues who engaged other builders have started construction / completed the prerequisites to start the construction, even though they followed the same process which we are trying to accomplish for the last 3 months!!!

7 08 2012

Hi Appu,

3 months does sound like a long time. Ours took about 37 days from final contract signing to building permit approval.

At the moment it is taking Metricon a long time to get the latest plans updated to take into account of the pipe and implied easement that was identified by the council. It is now 82 days (almost 3 months) since the pipe was found and we haven’t even got a site start. We are hoping to get into the new house by Christmas 2013 and at the current pace, we may miss it.

I am not sure why Metricon find it difficult to comment on timeframes.


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