Site Start Not Far Away…

6 05 2012

We have exciting news, the contract (administration) phase of Our Nolan project is complete.

Our Customer Support Co-ordinator (CSC), Karen called us early in the week to advise that they have started to order materials for our construction.   And we received a letter from Metricon late in the week advising us that we had reached this milestone.  Our house details are now passed to the construction team where our orders will be prepared for labour and materials.

Kristen took a trip to the Metricon office during week to sign our last variation as they had been having issues with their email for a number of days and we were really keen to finialise everything.

The attention that Metricon have paid to us to date has been excellent and we haven’t been able to fault this phase of the project.

We were also advised that Karen will no longer be looking after us as we are not in her region. We are really sad that we won’t be dealing with her moving forward as she has been awesome!!!  We now eagerly await for our new CSC and Site Manager to contact us with our construction start date, which hopefully should be in the next week.

As we completed our demolition in December last year, the grass and weeds had started to grow back and we spent a day last weekend cleaning the block up so it is ready for the builders.

Let the construction begin…




4 responses

24 09 2012

Hi Chris.

How are you? Finally we have got confirmation that site work will begin in 21 days. Could you please confirm whether the toilet tissue holder and the towel rails are included as part of the standard inclusions as I am not able to find anything specific in the Metricon Contract?

Thanks in advance

Appu John K

24 09 2012

Hi Appu,

These are not usually included in the standard inclusions. They are not even offered as an option in your colour selections. I believe the main reason some builders don’t offer this is that they get a lot of post hand-over maintenance calls to fix loose towel rails and toilet holders.

Good luck on your site start.


25 09 2012

Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Are you planning to engage a plumber or discussed with Metricon’s plumber ? Couple of my friends who are with PD already discussed with their builder’s plumber to fit additional towel rails.

Appu John K

25 09 2012

Hi Appu,

We didn’t go with full height wall tiling so where the rails will go it will be plaster wall. As such I am comfortable to do this myself as I have done this previously and its pretty straight forward. Its not too hard if you can use a drill, screw drivers and spirit level.

If we were installing the rails on tiles, I may think differently. I have spoken to a few people and said drilling onto tiles is not hard, you just need to be careful and apply light pressure and use the right drill bit so you don’t crack the tiles. But since we don’t have tiles where the rails will go, this won’t be an issue for us.


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