Still waiting for site start

28 06 2012

It’s been 5 weeks since our last entry. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us to see how we are going.  Unfortunately, the weeks are passing by and site works are still at a standstill.  The issue of the drainage pipe that was not identified as an easement earlier is still being sorted out by the builder with the council.  We met with Metricon over a month ago to discuss the options moving forward and this week we were advised that the engineering plans have been redone to cater for the pipe.  We are now waiting on Metricon to schedule a meeting with the council to discuss the revised plans.

The waiting game over the last five weeks has been mentally exhausting. The elation we felt when we knew that site works had started was very quickly replaced by disappointment and frustration. We knew sorting out the pipe would take some time and we knew we would have to be patient. Despite our efforts, our frustration has grown with each passing week. We know Metricon have been doing a lot of work behind the scene to deal with the council who have been nothing but trouble. While we don’t doubt how much work has been done to progress things with the council, one thing that would have helped is more regular communication and updates on progress. This would have done a lot to quell our frustration over the last few weeks. Its the not knowing that creates the anxiety and allows the frustration to build. When we have had an update it has been comforting and has helped us feel informed.

On good news, upon further investigation the debris left behind by the demolisher isn’t as bad as first thought and that Metricon can take care of it and continue the site cut once the pipe issue has been resolved. Yay!!

Our Metricon CSC, Megan advised us she will call us on Monday to provide an update.  We are hoping for good news that a meeting with the council has been scheduled and not far off. Fingers crossed we will be back on track again soon. 🙂