Waiting for council approval

14 08 2012

The updated house designs have been submitted to the council for approval. We asked Metricon today to find out from the council how long the approval will take and ensure that the council will fastrack our application – the council are aware of how long the process has been and want to have the matter resolved ASAP.

There’s also a few inconsistencies in the design that needed fixing which Metricon said they will fix and resend back to us tomorrow.

Last time, it took the council 2 days to reject the design so we are hoping that the council will approve the latest design which they already agreed to in principal in 2 days too.  And with some luck we can get our site cut started soon after (in the next week).  Fingers crossed!




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16 08 2012

Finger crossed for you guys. Hope the council sees some sense to move this forward.

14 09 2012

Any news with the council??

14 09 2012

Hi Rachel,

The process is so drawn out. The latest is that we have picked up some indemnities forms just today from the council. The council has said they have ‘approved’ the latest plans submitted by Metricon but have not provided a stamped copy as yet.

The council will formally approve the plans once
1) We return the signed indemnities form and
2) The council get confirmation of the easement on our title of land.

The latest title does not have an easement, but the council is claiming ‘implied easement’ rights. The second point above is the latest hold up – the council has been chasing up the Land Titles Office to find out about an easement on our block. It seems that an easement has been created on the title back in 1949 or thereabouts (when the pipe was laid) but somewhere along the line it has dropped off.

We are really really hoping to have this final hurdle resolved by next week.


17 09 2012

At least it sounds like you are finally getting somewhere with all this. How disappointing for you! Fingers crossed this is all sorted out ASAP!

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