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27 09 2012

Well, we had hoped to be reporting on how much progress had been made on day one of site start but alas we are still waiting for that to eventuate. Despite having been told for the last week and a half that today was the day, when we spoke to our site supervisor, Simon, this morning he advised that he hadn’t been given our file yet. Grrrr

Once our initial anger subsided, it was on the phone to Metricon for some answers. We are trying so hard to be proactive and positive but it just feels like one set back after another with this project. We know things will happen eventually and that we will love our house but it just feels so far off and constantly out of our reach. We know Metricon are doing what they can to progress things I think there’s just a breakdown in communication at times. We know our CSC Megan is doing what she can to keep us posted but can only tell us what she has been told.

So what’s the story? Due to the changes in our outdoor room dimensions, all the materials have had to be reordered and some re-engineering done to accommodate the change. This couldn’t be done until Metricon received the approved plans from council which only arrived at the start of this week.

I guess for us, the most frustrating part is that we have had so many issues and delays so far which are out of our control, to then get back on track, only to have a further detour kinda does our head in a bit.

Ok so rant over. When we spoke with Metricon today we got some clarity on what is going on and hope to have the earthworks people on site next week to start sifting the soil on the block. This is due to all the rubble that our less than satisfactory demolition company left on site. So site start will now be at some stage during the week of ending October 12.

We got out our sample folder tonight to review all our colour selections for a bit of therapy and to refresh us on what our beautiful home is going to look like.

So here’s hoping we don’t have too much longer to wait before we can really start reporting on progress.




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16 10 2012

how did your site start go? We were scheduled for a slab on Friday just gone but now looks like nothing will happen until end of this week. This will be week 4 since our site start, bit crazy how slow it is going.

16 10 2012

Hi Rachel,

Still no site start on our end either. We just put up another post with the latest update which provides some details on the latest delay.

Hopefully we both get a start soon!


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