Waiting on Metricon on a Date for Site Start….

28 10 2012

Ten days ago, on 18 Oct our demolishers, VicWide Demolition, returned to clean up the debris and rubble that was left in the top 200mm of soil.  To their credit, the demolishers came back and completed the job relatively quickly.  On the next day Metricon got their contractors, Earthworks to inspect the clean up and they gave the thumbs up.  We also spent time over that weekend cutting down the grass and weeds that has started to grow towards the back of the block. This was the last major hurdle so construction can begin!!!

As a result of the site clean and site scape, Metricon ordered another site survey as the ground levels may have been affected.  We were advised last Friday morning (26 Oct) by our CSC, Megan that they were to receive the site survey that afternoon.  We are now waiting on Metricon to provide us with a variation and site start date.  We are hoping to receive some positive news on a site start by the end of Monday.




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