Day 19: Our first bit of construction

27 11 2012

Today we saw our first bit of construction on site by one of Metricon’s sub-contractors who do the retaining wall work, Davnic.  Up until today all work has been contractual, design, administration, resolving the easement issue, cleaning the soil of debris, digging and moving soil around.  Today’s morning weather wasn’t the best with some significant rainfall in the morning but some progress has been made.

It was really satisfying to finally see some construction beginning to occur on our block!!


Steel posts erected along left side of block for the retaining wall


Day 17: More digging

25 11 2012

During the week we noticed new site markers were on the footpath which we suspect were from the site surveyors completing another site survey.  Yesterday morning (Saturday) we drove past the block to see trucks and a digger on site doing more work on our block.

We are now getting a better idea of how the house will sit on the block. While we always knew that there would be a deep cut on the block, seeing it now has made us start to think about the degree of landscaping and additional retaining walls we will need. At the moment we are struggling to get our head around what exactly we will do to transform the great big slope at the back of the block into a functional backyard for our kids. Another research project is underway.

Also earlier in the week, Alice introduced herself as our new Customer Service Coordinator (CSC).

Digger in action

You can see we will have a deep cut towards the back


20,000 Page Views!!

21 11 2012

Since starting this blog a little over a year ago, we have now reached 20,000 page views!!

Our first post post was on 7 November 2011 and we have just published our 61st post.  Our timeline, colour selections and floor plans are popular and for some reason our post about underground electricity pit is a regular read.

Thanks to everyone for dropping by for a visit!!  We hope you continue to follow us on our journey through the build phases.

Day 12: Introducing our Site Manager

20 11 2012

Today we met our Site Manager, Simon on site to meet and greet and have a chat about our house.  Good bloke.  It was a great opportunity to be able to ask all the questions that we have had buzzing around in our heads.  Simon was great and was able to answer all of our questions and has undertaken to follow up on a couple of points.  Simon also showed us a pile of rocks that were found and removed from the ground during the site cut and fill.  Hopefully we don’t come across any more when the footings are put in.

Simon suggested that we should have the slab and frame up before Christmas which means we will probably get some invoices for Christmas presents.

We took the opportunity to walk around the site whilst Simon was present and take some photos.

We are waiting on the site survey to still be completed so that construction on the retaining walls can commence, hopefully this will be done this week.

View of the block from the rear looking towards the street

Rocks found and removed from the ground during site cut and fill

Day 10: Where did the site markers go?

18 11 2012

We had a call from Simon last week to say that we have had a slight delay in the retaining walls starting because they couldn’t locate the site markers which meant that another site survey had to be done. This was to ensure that the house doesn’t get built in the wrong spot on the block. While to don’t want any further delays we understand the importance of getting this right and so we wait patiently for a few extra days to see more progress on the block.

We will be meeting Simon on Tuesday on site which will be great. Whilst we know we can asked questions at any stage, we have been thinking ahead and working out what we need to discuss with him while we are all on site together.


Day 4 & 5: Site cut and fill

13 11 2012

The site cut and fill was completed yesterday, day 4 – it only took 2 days of work.  The digger was removed from the the site today.

We are scheduled to meet with Site Manager, Simon, on site next Tuesday.

Next is the retaining walls….


Front view of the site after cut and fill. There is a slope up from the front of the property.

Day 1: Site re(start) 9.11.2012

9 11 2012

After what feels like an eternity we finally commenced on site today. As I (Kristen) was driving past the block this morning I had an overwhelming sense of emotion at the thought that our house has started. All of the months of waiting, delays, unforeseen problems are now behind us (we hope). To see action on the block was so exciting and we can finally go to the first construction stage of our home project – the base stage. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!