Day 40: Slab pour

18 12 2012

Today we had the concrete slab poured. Woohoo, so exciting!!!!! It looks great.  Here’s to reaching this first major stage in the construction process and just before Christmas.  It took a bloody long time to get going but we feel as though we are motoring along now, its a great feeling.

We were laughing this afternoon – even before the slab has had a chance to dry we received our first major invoice for the completion of the base stage.  The amount is due 7 days from now which falls on 25 December – Merry Christmas!!

The slab looks big.  According to our plans the site area is 708 sqm and the building area is 265 sqm, so the site coverage of the slab is about 38%.  So whilst it doesn’t look like it, we do have a lot of land.  The slab now gives us a clearer picture of how the house fits in with the land and we are now contemplating what we need to do for landscaping.


Our freshly poured slab

You can clearly see the step down to the garage….


View from the front near the garage

Here’s a photo from the rear.  From furthest to nearest on the left ground floor is the sitting room, powder room, laundry, kitchen and dining room.  On the right is the study, family room and rumpus.


View from the rear

We took the opportunity to engrave our names into the slab….


Making a mark on our slab




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