Day 42: Frame start

20 12 2012

timberframeWe got a phone call from our Site Manager, Simon this morning to give us an update.  Today marked the start of the frame stage and with some luck we could have the first floor frame done before Christmas.  That would be a nice Christmas present.

The good thing about this time of year is the nice weather for the builders to work in, however, I have noticed that since we had a site start there has been a bit more rain – that’s Melbourne for you.

We have also paid the base stage invoice via internet transfer –  yuck.

Prior to the start of framing the entire slab was marked up with the locations of the wall.  We had lots of fun walking in out of the imaginary rooms.  Here’s a photo of the markings near the dining room.


In the next photo you can see the crushed rock laid out across the site.  It’s so much better walking around on the crushed rock than the dirt.  We also had lots of wood (timber) delivered.  The block is now looking more like a construction site.


We have lots of timber

In the below picture you can see the termite protection that has been provided to our house – this is the blue sheet around the edges of the slab.  Building Regulations require all new houses built within areas designated by municipal councils as likely to be subject to termite infestation, to have some form of management against termite attack.  We happen to live in an area where the council requires the house to be protected by termite infestation.  For more information, see the Building Commission Termite Control fact sheet.


The framers have started to outline the wall locations with timber….


Our cyclone fence is now standing upright…



Rubbish cage




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