Day 64: Ground Floor Complete, Now Joists

11 01 2013

View of the front from across the street

Today we met Simon, our Site Manager, on site to discuss the progress of the build and the current timelines for the next steps in the process. We also met the framers who were hard at work and seemed like nice blokes.

The ground floor frame is complete and the first floor joists (the beams to beam to support the ground floor ceiling and first level floor) have started to go up. Everytime we visit the block something has changed. We have been pleased with the progress. We were able to walk around the house which gave us a good indication to the ground floor layout and size of the rooms – really exciting.

Simon is a great guy, we had a really good chat with him today and he answered all our questions. From speaking to various family, friends and work colleagues and reading other blogs, the Site Manager can make a huge difference to the delivery time of the house and more importantly the quality. We really feel like he is looking after us well and has the whole project well in hand which is reassuring.

We took the opportunity to take lots of photos whilst we were on site with Simon. We used one the photos to update the banner for our blog (rather than using a stock photo) 🙂


The garage is on the left, entrance in the middle and on the right is the sitting room


View from the backyard. The large opening on the left is where the bi-fold doors will go between the dining room and outdoor roon.  The opening on the right is the window to the rumpus room.


Another view from the backyard. On the right you can see the laneway behind the garage to the rear.


The external framing on the right hand side.


The framers hard at work installing the joists.


View from the outside looking in to the family room window. You can see the kitchen window on the frame directly opposite.


View from the family room looking towards the kitchen and dining room. Lots of space here.


View of the opening between the family room towards the rumpus room.


We are going to love the bi-folds that will go here!


In the kitchen area – the cavity on the left is for the fridge and one on the right is a built-in desk.  And to the left is the entrance to the laundry.


Previously we had a pokey pantry, so this is going to be huge.


The kitchen featue window.


Looking from the outside towards the entrance into the laundry.


Storage space under the stairs.



Right hand side of the house. Meterbox and concrete slab for water heater in the foreground.


Kristen’s sitting room.


Front entry


Joists that were delivered Wednesday


Joists and frame around sitting room window


Joists – nice photo for new banner for blog 🙂


More Joists


The framers studying the plans.



2 responses

12 01 2013

Excellent progress, so excited for you!

13 01 2013

Thanks. Yes, it’s very exciting.

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