Day 103: Bricking started

18 02 2013

Today was a hot day with a top temperature of around 36 degrees, and it was the first day of bricking.  We are having rolled joins as suggested by Simon, who also consulted with the brickies, becuase he felt that it would work better with the type of bricks we had selected (Boral Mocha).  The flush morter had the capacity to look “messy” when finished with our bricks whereas the rolled joins will produce a much neater finish and will do justice to our lovely bricks.  So if you are thinkig of having Boral Mocha bricks keep rolled joins in mind.

We love the look of the bricks so far, the colour has come up great even though they are yet to be cleaned.  We are using off white mortar colour.  The brickies have managed to start the internal garage wall and along the left hand side of the house.  All in all good progress on such a stinker hot day!!

Things are hotting up, and we just don’t mean the weather.  The ground floor bricking should be completed by mid next week.  We should also have the rear roof completed tomorrow – just in time for some thunderstorms later in the week.  Plaster delivery tomorrow.  Frame defects to be fixed.  And the sparkys should be on site the next 3 days.  *Phew*

Hope you are staying cool.

Bricks that were done today.

Bricks that were done today.




Boral Mocha bricks

Boral Mocha bricks

Boral Mocha bricks

Zoom in view of the Boral Mocha bricks





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