Day 118: Scaffolding installed for first floor bricking

5 03 2013

Its been 11 days since since our last progress update with photos.  Some of the progress over the past week includes:

  • Installation of the insulation batts
  • Completion of the electrical and plumbing rough-in
  • Defect fixing from the Independent Pre-Plaster Inspection and Metricon’s own Q&A (we are still waiting for a walkthrough of the fixes before the plaster goes in)
  • Completion of the ground floor bricking
  • Delivery of the plaster and cornice material

Today saw the scaffolding installed so the brick layers can continue with the first floor bricking.

Over the weekend we met our new neighbors who recently bought the property across the road.  We found out they are doing a knock down and rebuild too – they are planning to build a single story Porter Davis.  Looks like we have started a trend on our street 🙂



Scaffolding near the garage

Scaffolding near the garage



2 responses

5 03 2013

How exciting, that top picture is looking so much like the plantation facade one you have on the top right of this page. Cool!

7 03 2013

Yes it is! Looking forward to stepping on our balcony for the first time.

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