Day 135: Facade reveal

22 03 2013

Today saw the scaffolding come down to finally reveal the Plantation facade that has been worked on over the past few weeks.  Its still not complete yet, but its taking shape.  We also saw the first signs of painting with the weatherboard cladding being painted with the colour Dulux Linseed.  We can also see that some of the first floor windows painted with Cabot’s Stain – Rich Walnut.


The Plantation facade is coming together nicely.



Here’s a zoomed in photo which show’s the weatherboard cladding colour. The render top coat which contains the colour has not been applied yet.


Gables (timber slats) on the roof also painted with Cabot’s Stain – Rich Walnut


Side on view from up the street.


Looks like the rubbish from plastering has been removed from inside the house.




One response

23 03 2013
KB Siah

I admire you as your house has progress at such a rapid pace

We are building the IMPERIAL with OakPark facade and since Christmas break things have really slowed to a snail pace

Congratulation to you in having a efficient supervisor

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