Visiting Metricon Bordeaux Display

24 03 2013


This weekend was the official opening of Metricon Bordeaux in Balwyn.  So we went and visited the display yesterday to check it out. It looks like this display replaces the older one further down the road which is now closed.  When we walked in we saw our Sales Consultant, Melissa Norden, but we couldn’t say “hi” as she was busy serving some customers.

The Bordeaux facade is very different to the existing Metricon available facades which we think would appeal to many people and is being advertised as being based on French Provincial styling.  The display was 56 squares (floor plans) and it did feel large, but not that much larger than Our Nolan 45.  The Bordeaux had a 5th bedroom but didn’t have a rumpus room downstairs which is something we would have needed.  Overall the display was nicely presented and had a nice layout.

One of the reasons for the trip to the display is that we are getting ideas for window furnishings – its hard to picture small curtain samples in isolation.  The Bordeaux was nicely decorated and we did get some good ideas for Our Nolan.  We will take a few more trips over the coming months to other displays for more window furnishing ideas as well as some outdoor ideas, in particular for the flooring of the Outdoor Room (paving or decking?).

We took lots of photos from our visit:


The Bordeaux facade



View of the side of the Bordeaux. The large glass window on the ground floor is the display office (garage?).


We took this photo from upstairs in a display home across the road.


Approaching the front door.

Let's walk in.....

Welcome.  Let’s walk in…..


Entrance way

There’s a few photos we photo stitched together to get the full room into shot, starting with the next few.


Standing in the entrance way into the family, kitchen & dining room.


Standing in the corner of the family room.


Standing in the dining room corner.


Dining room.


Laundry room.


Laundry room bench.


Bedroom 4.


Shared bathroom for bedrooms 2 & 3.


Bedroom 3.


Bedroom 5 (downstairs).


Bedroom 2.


Upstairs Leisure Room.


Kristen liked this table.


Desk alcove near the upstairs leisure room.


Master bedroom. Ensuite can be seen through the double sliding doors.


Standing in the corner of the master bedroom. The room felt huge – too big for us.

Master bedroom ensuite

Master bedroom ensuite.


Walk-in robe in the master bedroom.


Study – this was located off to the side in the master bedroom.


Outdoor room.  There are three bi-fold doors in the area, 2 of which can be seen here.  This would be nice for entertainment.


Pool off the to side of the house and outdoor room – will be nice on a hot day.


View of the outdoor area that is accessed from the Siting Room.



View of the pool from the other end.


At the end of the visit, time to sit down, relax and reflect…..




20 responses

10 04 2013

Thanks for the blog ! I seriously keen on the Bordeaux and found your blog googling for Bordeaux photos.

11 04 2013

Hi Suzy,

The display was very nice and if you like the French Provincial styling then the Bordeaux would be a good fit. If you are located in Melbourne, I suggest you go for a visit if you haven’t already.


12 04 2013

Yes I have been along in person (actually before I saw your pics) and I thought it was so beautiful I nearly cried ! I would only be able to go for one of the smaller versions, not the 56sq one on display.
I actually only live a few km’s away from the display so now I’m on the hunt for land.

16 04 2013

It was a great display house and I really took note of the interior design. I have purchased the same pendant lights they have over their island! I also was in a shop on the weekend and come across the same coffee table you mentioned Kristen liked.

Also I wanted to ask what staircase you upgraded too? We had ours installed yesterday (KDHW Option B Square Edged Treads) and were surprised by the handrails at the top of the staircase.

19 04 2013

Hi Rachel,

Yeah the Bordeaux display was great. There’s so many displays in that area.

Which shop did you see that side table? It might make its way to our siting room 🙂

In regards to the stair line items are

– Provide KDHW treads, risers, stringer and landing (where applicable) with stain finish to Staircase in lieu of standard.

– Provide MET 6 KDHW handrail with drop-down feature at base and landing to Staircase and NP07 KDHW posts to First Floor in lieu of standard.

– Provide stain finish to KDHW handrail in lieu of standard clear finish.

We will post some photos of the stairs soon.

Chris & Kristen

31 08 2013

Rachel, are you able to tell me where you purchased your pendants – I have been looking for these for soooo long! Many thanks

18 12 2013

Hi prue
I bought mine from an American site ‘Ballard designs ‘ but i noticed beacon lighting have them now too.

21 04 2013

There was a coffee table and matching lamp table! At Morale Furniture in Epping.

Thanks For the info on the stairs, as I thought they installed the wrong ones at ours! The top posts are standard which is wrong as we upgraded to the same as yours. What a nightmare!

Everything is coming along so nice for you, have you been given a time frame of when you can expect handover?

23 04 2013

Thanks – we will need to go for a visit to see the table.

Good that you picked up the stairs in time before more work was done on it.

No exact date for handover, but indications will be around July which is only 2 months away. Getting very exciting.


29 06 2013

Does anyone know who did the landscaping at this home?

30 06 2013

I don’t, but if you contact Metricon they can often let you know.

30 06 2013

Does anyone know whats the paint colour name on the outside beautiful house thanks for the photos

1 07 2013

You should be able to find out if you contact Metricon. Ask for the colour schedule of that display home.

2 07 2013

Hi im in Brisbane they dont have the Bordeaux on display here
i build my house(ARIA)with them brick face only due to budget at the time two years ago im ready now to render and paint i just need to find out the colour
The guys in Brisbane are not even aware of this display yet
I can try again thank you for your time
Good luck with your Nolan is an awesome house

15 09 2013
Bordeaux | Darren & Anne

[…] Bordeaux display […]

13 02 2014

Does anyone know where I can find the coffee table in the lounge/living area? It’s the square wooden one. Anyone’s help would be great 😉

5 09 2015

can anyone tell me the tiles they used

5 09 2015

If you contact Metricon direct (either at the office or at the display home) they will be able to tell you.

6 09 2015

They are from Beaumont. Ideology Marble Gris.

15 03 2016

This is my dream home, any one would love all that space around them even is they didn’t have a large family. I love all the finishes and fittings, however, I would have like less modern and more up market french fittings; ie the kitchen is superb, but, it is modern in design and not french as the facade would depict, all the cabinet fittings in the leisure room, theatre room and throught out. are also modern, would have liked to have seen more French inspired carpentry….none the less it is my favourite display home on the market with unsurpassed ambience.

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