Day 142: Good Friday, Good Progress

29 03 2013

It is nice to have a extra long weekend with Easter!!  It’s been a few days since we have seen the house in full daylight as it’s starting to get dark earlier.

We got an update from Simon during the week and he advised that we would be at lock-up completion by this weekend.  The garage truss was put up on Wednesday with the gutter and fascia being added on Thursday.  The colorbond roof for the garage is not on yet, but should be by Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

Some of the other progress made during the week included the completion of the internal plastering work, the cornices and downstairs architraves.

If all goes well we should have our internal stairs and kitchen cabinets in by the following weekend.  These are the two things Kristen has been hanging out for.

We also had a site clean.




Day142-6 Day142-2

Garage truss installed.

Garage truss installed.

Site cleaned,

Site cleaned.

Looking through the front window we could see this door - looks like the front door!

Looking through the front window we could see this door – looks like the front door!




2 responses

29 03 2013

Looks great. BTW we ended up changing to the plantation facade. Hebel as per the Clyde Nth display but we’ve opted for tiles. Looking forward to starting the build.

30 03 2013

Great choice with the Plantation. We love walking out on the balcony everytime we get a chance to visit with our Site Manager. When we looked into the Hebel, they only did one story houses so great you went with it now they can do double storys. Hope your start is not too far away.

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