Metricon launches Lookbook to help with interior design ideas

14 04 2013

Metricon just added a new feature on their website called Lookbook –


quotation-marks-startLookBook is all about inspiring you to create a stylish home.  LookBook has exclusive information, tips and hints from our team of Interior Designers to guide you through the latest interior themes and teach you how easy it is to recreate the looks.

Global Fusion Living Theme - Living Area.  Callout with suggestions of design ideas.

Global Fusion Living Theme – Living Area, callout with design suggestions.

As we are now well into Fixing stage and only a few months away from completion, we have started to look into the major items that will need to be done soon after handover and moving in.  This includes landscaping, in particular the driveway and crossover, outdoor area and paths around the house.  Internally, the most important design item will be the window furnishings.  The Metricon displays are a great source of design ideas and it was really good timing that they launched Lookbook.  The best thing about Lookbook is the ability to view and search for design images and themes and then know which Metricon display homes that feature these themes.  This will help to identify the displays that we are interested in and possibly visit as part of our research.

Here’s an introduction video describing Lookbook:




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