Day 186: Drip Drip Drip …

12 05 2013

It’s been a little over two weeks since our last post.  The exciting news is that painting has started although sadly it stopped almost as soon as it began.   Unfortunately the plasterers had hit a water pipe with a screw and a leak had slowly developed which had gradually got worse. This was  discovered over the Anzac day long weekend when some water was found on the floor in bedroom 4.  The water leaking increased and found itself into the first floor ceiling and onto the ground in the family-kitchen area.


Water pooling in Bedroom 4 – coming from behind the plaster and skirting

The green L & H on the concrete slab below are areas where it needs to be leveled before floorboards can be installed.  L – indicating it is low and H – indicating it is high.  These were later leveled out with cement.


Water from the ceiling dripping onto the ground floor


Water damage in ceiling.

Once alerted to the issue our Site Manager, Simon promptly organised the plumber to investigate and fix the leak.  Once the leak was fixed, parts of the damaged plaster and skirting were replaced.

Ceiling replaced and re-plastered

Ceiling replaced and re-plastered

We have been really pleased that Simon acted on this issue straight away and made sure it was fixed quickly.  Whilst the water damage issue is not ideal, the positive from the situation is that it occurred at this stage before any floor coverings had been laid.  In the end we have probably been delayed by about 2 weeks. The good news is we are now back on track and painting has recommenced.

Other progress made in the past 2 weeks include:

  • Completion of the external cladding to the rear of the house
  • Completion of the gables above the garage
  • Cleaning of the ground floor bricks
  • Plumbing works including installation of downpipes
  • And various quality issue fixes around the house

Last of the cladding now installed – just needs to be painted.


Gables installed above garage. You can also see downpipes connected to the house.

The base coats of painting to the house have been done and some of the staining of the timber windows have started.  Here are some photos of the painting progress:




Study doors with Cabot Stain – Colour Rich Walnut


Family-Kitchen area. The ceiling where it was water damaged is now fixed up, good as new.


Kitchen area


Master Ensuite


Stairs and upstairs leisure room


Front door with Cabot Stain – Colour Rich Walnut. Door handled installed.


Siting room window stained

We got a call from Beaumont tiles today, to say that tiling will start on Tuesday. They have invited Kristen to come and have a look at the tiles before they start and discuss the layout which we weren’t expecting but are quite pleased about.

We also had Dollar Curtains and Blinds come in to do a measure and quote for all of our window coverings. We are keen to have these ready to go once handover takes place. Simon was happy to meet us on site so we could do this which was great. it will take 4-6 weeks for the curtains to be made once we confirm what we want and 6-8  weeks for plantation shutters which we are planning to get in a few of the rooms.




12 responses

13 05 2013

It’s looking great. Your exterior choices are really starting to come to life. Well done!

13 05 2013

Hi Johanne, thanks. When selecting colours its difficult to see what it would look like on the finish product. Looking at small sample swatches is one thing, but making it work all together on a large scale is another. But we are really happy that it goes well together.


13 05 2013

Hi, it looks like you have chosen clear glass in the sidelights of your front door and is it translucent glass in the main part of the door? Are you planning on having a blind or something on the sidelights? I’m trying to decide what to do on our front door. (I actually need to get back to them today with my decision) i want to be able to see out to see who’s at the front door, but then having clear glass on everything doesn’t make it very private? I’d love to know excactly what you are doing with the sidelights 🙂 Thanks.

13 05 2013

Hi Kelley,

Privacy was definitely on our minds. The translucent glass on the door provides the privacy needed, whilst let some light through. For the side windows, we wanted clear glass as we wanted to still look out (eg who’s at the door). For privacy for the side windows we will put plantation shutters – that will allow us to see out and have light come through whilst open, but if we wanted privacy we can just close them. If you put translucent glass on the side windows you won’t be able to see out at all.

Also plantation shutters will look good for these side windows.

Hope this helps.


13 05 2013

I agree with you completely about the front door, i’m trying to convince my husband of this but he thinks it looks funny?! I’m sure he would change his mind once he saw it with the plantation shutters fitted.

Can I also ask you how much those pull handles were? I’m not sure about where you are, but here in Brisbane they don’t tell you ANY prices for ANYTHING until they put it in your variation, at this stage if it is too expensive you can then drop these things out. So its quite frustrating that they are not upfront about costs. You then spend a lot of time going back and forth trying to find out costs for things!

Thanks so much for your advice.

13 05 2013

Hi Kelly,

Yeah, we agree about the backwards and forwards part. We found our colour selections consultant was able to answer pricing questions over email or phone before putting in the variation. Metricon needs a item and price list so you can “shop” at the comfort of your home easily – we will definitely be proving that feedback down the track.

In regards to the pull handles on the study door – they were included in the price. We did upgrade a few other door handles, and the price was only in the range of $9-$15.


13 05 2013

Also, do you mind if i ask you how much your study doors were? 🙂 We just chose standard sliding/cavity doors, but seeing yours they look beautful! What kind of handles are you having on them?

13 05 2013

The study doors (for both panels) was $3,150 – its in the main hallway so we figured we would hang the extra expense as a ‘feature door’. They look nice at some of the displays we went to and now seeing it at our house, we are glad we chose it.

The handles are the: Gainsborough 750mm Horizon back to back pull handles (9248PHBB750SS). We have an image of it on our Selections Page.



13 05 2013

Just looked at your selections page 🙂 How much were these handles: Gainsborough 99FP150SS stainless steel rectangular flush pull handle for cavity sliding doors. I don’t think we had this as an option, just these weird looking round ones which i’m not too keen on. I might ring them and give the code you have used and see if they do have them?

13 05 2013

Have you had your colour selections appointment yet? If so, they should have shown you the various options for windows, door handles, cabinetry handles, locks etc.

The particular Gainsborough 99FP150SS stainless steel rectangular flush pull handle was $36 for 4 (we upgraded the ground floor power room, walk in pantry and ensuite doors).


13 05 2013

Yeah we have had the colour selections appointmetn and I don’t recall having those handles as an option at all. I’ve emailed them to ask, so I shall hopefully get a response soon 🙂 Your study door looks perfect, I think ours will look a bit silly and plain just being a standard set of white doors. Maybe i can spend the money on the upgraded pull handles instead to make it a bit nicer for our front entry/hall as well 🙂 THey said the pull handles like you are haivng will be $900 for a set of 6!!! 4 for the 2 cavity sliders in the front living room and 2 for the one cavity slider on our study. (we are building the Newhaven) Crazy amount of money for handles!!!

Can I ask what colour plantation shutters you are planning on going with for your front door sidelights? …still trying to convince hubby! 🙂

13 05 2013


We don’t have any doors to the front siting room – only just the study so to justify getting one set of feature doors was easier. The $$$ we pay to make something look nicer 🙂 I think we would have regretted not getting it upgraded.

We are going to get white plantation shutters after handover. There are many places who do plantation shutters so we can shop around.


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