Day 199: UFOs and Window Dressings

25 05 2013

Most of this week has been internal work.  The plumbers have been busy fitting the showerheads, taps, toilets, bathtubs and basins.  The bathrooms are now slowly looking more and more complete.


Master Ensuite


Shower head in the Master Ensuite


Kitchen sink and tap


Bathtub in upstairs bathroom


Nice looking tiled shower base

The electricians have also been busy fitting off the light switches, ceiling light battens, powerpoints, exhaust fans and smoke detectors.  We added a lot of additional light points throughout the house for future downlights, and as a result the ceiling is littered with numerous Unsightly Fixed Objects (UFOs), also known as Conical Shades that comes standard with each light batten fitting.

Conical Shade and light batten

Conical Shade and light batten

These will look much better when we replace them with downlights.

Light battens

Ceiling full of Conical Shades

Quadruple powerpoint and tv point

Quadruple powerpoint and tv point

It’s been great to see the fit offs progressing well.

We have been spending a bit of our time looking at curtains the past few weeks and today we went to Dollar Curtains in Doncaster to finalise our selections.  They will take 6-8 weeks to produce which is why we wanted to order them now – they should be ready around the same time we get the handover from Metricon.  We have been pleased with curtains and prices from Dollar Curtains in the past.  The folks at Dollar Curtains, in particular Robyn were great – they were very friendly, helpful and thorough.


Dollar Curtains, 1002 Doncaster Rd, East Doncaster, VIC




5 responses

26 05 2013

Channy, what no data point behind the TV??? A pity about the ceiling lights that you will need to change later…
Looking good.

27 05 2013


We did get data points 🙂 I guess they haven’t got around to the faceplates yet.

  • 3x Family Room
  • 2x Rumpus Room
  • 2x Sitting Room
  • 3x Study
  • 1x Kitchen area desk
  • 2x Upstairs Leisure Room
  • 2x Master Bedroom
  • 1x in roof space
  • Do you have any good suggestions for a data point tester. ie something to check that the two ends are wired up correctly?


28 05 2013

Try this unit.
I have something similar but alas not local for you to borrow anymore 😦

Glad to hear you do have data points as would have been very surprised if not. Just makesure they terminate them fully as a mate had a builder/sparky do them into his place and they left them un-terminated 😦

26 05 2013

looks very close to completion. Have you upgraded the water proof for the whole ensuits? they look like having whole bathroom water proofed, but i was told they only waterproof showrs.

27 05 2013

I have to double check the photos, but the whole upstairs ensuite and bathroom floors were water proofed from memory. I would have thought if they don’t water proof the floor there could be a problem with water seeping through gaps in tiles and onto the ceiling on the ground floor.


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