103 blog posts and 40,000 page views later…

27 05 2013

Overnight we have reached 40,000 page views!!! Woo hoo!

The blog visits has reflected our journey to date, a bit slow at the start but the last 6 months has seen good progress.

Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  And for those who are building or about to do a build with Metricon, hopefully our journey and advice has been helpful.





3 responses

1 06 2013

Many congratulation on reaching over 40000 hits. I have been a silent follower of your blog for sometime now, who would have added some hundreds of hits to your blog count! We are building a Phoenix with plantation facade near Wollongong, NSW. Checkout at http://ourmetriconphoenix.blogspot.com.au

I am wondering if you would be able to provide me with some indication on the price you incurred in installaling your retaining wall. I will need to install one on my side boundary for about 25 metres long with height of the wall varying potentially from 300 mm to 1000 mm. Looking at your wall, I want to consider rectangular hardwood sleepers, but I have heard concrete blocks are another alternative. I would appreciate your advice. Cheers. Venkat.

2 06 2013

Hi Venkat,

Had a look at your blog – you are at an exciting stage – we still recall how excited we were when things got started. Hope your construction goes well. We have had a great experience so far.

In regards to your retaining wall question, we got a quote for additional work and will send the details through to you.


2 06 2013

Hi C&K,

Many thanks. Yeah, so far our construction has been going on well. We have a good SS.

I’ll have a look at the details you send on the retaining wall.

Cheers, Venkat.

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