Landscape Design

2 06 2013

landscape-drawingWe are getting close to the completion of the house and the curtains have been ordered.  The next major item to organise is the landscaping.  With the wet weather, muddy conditions and young family we would like the landscaping started straight after we get possession of the keys.


We have met Ben from Daviscapes and decided to engage him to put together a design as we felt he was a good fit for our needs.  Here is some info about Daviscapes – PDF.

We are looking at getting the whole landscape design done:

  • Landscaping including excavation, irrigation, drainage and garden beds
  • Retaining walls
  • Front yard fencing
  • Front portico
  • Rear alfresco/outdoor area
  • Lighting
  • Side concreting
  • Driveway concreting including crossover relocation

We are looking forward to seeing the first output of the design hopefully late next week.   Once we have the design we can use it to get quotes for the construction, that way we can get an apples-for-apples comparison.  Daviscapes can also perform the construction, but it all depends on how competitive they are.

We already have a list of a few landscape construction contractors that have been recommended by friends.  However, if anyone has any other recommendations please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.




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