Day 241: Landscape Design

6 07 2013

Today we met Ben (good bloke and very friendly) from Daviscapes on site to discuss the landscape design.

We really like the general layout of the latest version of the plans.  Ben has approached the landscaping from a holistic point of view, giving thought and consideration into the way the garden will flow, the various textures being used and elements that will capture the eye from various points of the house.  He has also incorporated our functional needs – for example incorporation of trampoline.

Doing a landscape design has really helped us visualise and get a feel for what the lanscaping will look like.  It is hard to imagine the backyard given we have a bit of slope, but Ben was able to show us a ‘walkthrough’ of the landscape on his laptop which really helped.

There’s a few changes/tweaks to be made to the design but the whole layout is something we can work with.  We should get the next version of the design and a quote for the construction next week – which we are really looking forward to considering we should be getting a handover from Metricon later this month.

Design v2

Landscape Plans v2. Copyright @ Daviscapes.




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