Day 243: Updated Landscape Design

8 07 2013

Today we got the updated landscape design from Ben which we love!!

Landscape Design v3. Copyright @ Daviscapes.

Landscape Design v3. Copyright @ Daviscapes.

And here are some of the perspectives of the landscape.  The first one is the front yard and the next three are the backyard – the last one a view from the covered alfresco area looking towards the rear.

Design v3 - Perspectives



4 responses

8 07 2013

Is that an in ground trampoline???!!!! I am so going to be over at your house everyday (without my kids)!!!!

8 07 2013

In ground trampoline!! And in Summer it converts into an in ground pool. We would like to see that!! Alas, just a regular above ground trampoline.

9 07 2013

Can I know how much it cost to do this? We are also almost finish buiding up in North Shore Sydney and I am looking for a good and competitive landscape company to do mine.We have a long retaining wall to do app 35 mtrs and the slop form back to front is app 3 mtrs which I like to seperate into sections.This will give me a rough idea of what I should pay.

10 07 2013

Hi KB,

We enquired with various landscape designers, and found the price to vary widely from $400 to as high as $4000.

As a rough guide, I think you should budget around $700 – $1000 for your landscape design.

Another factor besides price is whether you like the designer and that you are comfortable you can work with them and they know what you want. Landscaping is a personal thing,

So make sure you speak to a few different designers.

We are happy that we did one as it helped us visualise the landscape, which is particularly useful because of our slope of the block (5m slope over 42m, most of it towards backyard),

And the second benefit is to use it to get apple for apple comparisons for quotes as all construction constractors will be quoting based on the design – you know what is needed and because the plan is to scale, you know how much of what items you need.

Hope this helps.


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