Day 275: Our Nolan is now “Our” Nolan!!!!

9 08 2013

We have keys!!!!   Today was handover day.  It was very exciting to finally take the keys after 275 days of build time.

Last week has been very busy as we organised home insurance, final milestone payment, organising trucks for the move and calling in familiy and friends to help with the move.  We have also been busy finalising our LED downlight selection.

This morning I ordered 3 cubic metres of crushed rock so we can avoid walking and driving on mud that is currently our front yard.

New Home Inspections did a re-inspection of the pre-handover defects today just prior to our handover with Simon.  There’s were still a few things that need to be fixed and Simon will be following these up next week.

Curtains will go in tomorrow and Monday and the next 3 main activities for us are:

  • Move house
  • Finalise quote and book in a landscaper
  • Book in electrician to install LED downlights




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10 08 2013

Congratulations on getting the keys to your home that looks amazing. Good choice of colours for the facade as well as stairs, bi fold doors and those internal doors for study. Thank you for the optimism in spite of the rocky journey you had during post-demolition, and for documenting your journey and posting useful information. Cheers.

10 08 2013

Lotsa photos please. 🙂

10 08 2013

Well done guys! We can’t wait to come and visit! Enjoy!

10 08 2013

Awesome news guys, enjoy your new place and hope not long till you can drive into your garage.

31 08 2013

Driving into the garage is still a long way off as its still full of boxes still to unpack. We have been parking in the streets for the last 18 months+ so what’s a few more months. 🙂

24 08 2013

Hi guys, just checking in to see how the move went and how you are settling in? Any more updated pics for us?? 🙂 Have you done your window furnishings yet?

31 08 2013

Hi Kelly,

We are settling in quite well, but have to say the house needs a little more order as we stil have lots to unpack and find a home for things.

We had no internet until just yesterday, so haven’t been able to blog/respond. Now that we have access we will post more photos soon, in particular our window furnishings.

29 08 2013

Congratulations..we are having our walk through tomorrow..not long now.

31 08 2013

Hope the walkthrough went well

4 11 2013

hi, how is your beautiful house going? I was cleaning out my emails and found your blog so it reminded me to check up on you 🙂 How do your curtains/blinds look? did you end up getting shutters on the front sidelights? Are you all moved in and settled now? Looking forward to seeing some pics. We are hoping the painting starts on our Newhaven this week. Unfortunately i dont think we will be in by xmas.

18 12 2013

Hi Kelly,

Sorry for the long delay in reply. Been off the blog since moving in. We have had a lot going on with the move in, organising post-handover work including getting landscaping going and fitting in a holiday. And now we are smack bang into Christmas. What a busy last 3 months!!!

The curtains and blinds look great. We are really happy with our choice given its hard to picture the end product with only very small samples. We did get shutters for the front door sidelights (white).

Finally will get some ‘down time’ over Christmas break so will post some pics and some updates we have been doing since moving in.

Chris & Kristen

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