Landscaping Day 250 – Hard landscaping completed

17 05 2014

Ben and the guys from Daviscapes have finished the hard landscaping.  All the retaining walls, decking, fences, concreting, driveways, irrigation etc are done.  Perhaps one of the most exciting developments to date has been having the turf laid.  For the past two years we have been looking at dirt and mud and prior to that where we lived had concrete paving. The greenery is certainly a welcome addition.

There are only a few things left to be completed which include finishing the wire on the front fence – which looks amazing.  The plants (can’t wait), clothes line installation, letterbox and outdoor lighting.  We also decided as a last minute inclusion to get Ben to incorporate a built-in BBQ area under the alfresco and have asked him to help with putting up the kids cubby house that we got from Matt’s Home and Outdoor Designs.  We were lucky that there was enough room to fit one of the smaller cubbies given that we don’t have a lot of space due to the slope of our block – we got the Townhouse with 900mm elevation. The great thing about working with Daviscapes has been their adaptability during the entire process. While we started with a clear plan, we have been able to make some changes along the way which Ben and the team have been really great at accommodating.

We are really happy with the way things have turned out and Ben and the team have been very meticulous  in their work. The finishes and attention to detail have been terrific.  The most recent work was oiling the decking on the front and in the alfresco which has turned out great.

Here are some photos:


Front fence looks great



Front retaining wall – the stone work complements the house facade



Bluestone paving up to the front decking and door


Front decking freshly oiled



We have grass!!!!






Close up of the oiled decking – wood is spotted gum


Side gate


Rear decking


Rear lower retaining wall with decorative wood


Closeup of the decorative wood on retaining wall


Alfresco area


Fences painted to match roof (Woodland Gray)


Retaining walls painted to match roof (Woodland Gray)


Purpose built shed


View of the stairs to top of backyard


View of the alfresco from top level of yard


View towards alfresco and rear of house


Steppers in the backyard





5 responses

18 05 2014
Johanne @

I love everything about your landscaping. The front fence, bluestone paving, decking, gate and all the decorative wood. It looks fantastic with your wood and greys on the house. I’m hoping our overall look will be something similar. I can’t wait to see it with plants. Are your side fences at the front woodland grey too? They look different from a distance to the close-up pics. You have great taste and obviously a great landscaper.

18 05 2014

Hi Johanne, the fence is close to Woodland Gray – it is slightly “bluer” but overall the difference is not that noticeable. This was the result of picking a different paint.

Thanks for the comments – its nice to hear other’s notice it is coming together well (and not so biased as us).


19 05 2014

Hi there

Your house is really lovely and the blog is very useful. We are in the early stages of building with Metricon and like the way you have gone with your stair case. Are the treads and risers maple? What was the stair case upgrade? You can email me on


20 05 2014

The stairs were KDHW treads, risers, stringer and landing.
We also had the MET 6 KDHW handrail with drop-down feature at base and landing to staircase and NP07 KDHW posts to first floor in lieu of standard. Also changed to contemporary stainless steel balusters in lieu of standard.

I can’t recall 100% for sure, but I believe Eric Jones ( were the supplier of our stairs.

Hope this helps.


7 06 2014

Love your house! Great choices.

We are very close to locking in our build of the Nolan. Is there any chance you could advise the total cost of your build (excl landscaping & demolition)? I just want to get an actual cost from someone who has completed a build that includes all the site costs etc that may be additional or excluded.
Greatly appreciated!

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