Day 164: Fixing Stage Complete

20 04 2013

toolboxAnother stage complete, another invoice.  During the week we completed the Fixing Stage.  We are now down to the final straight to the finish line.

All the cabinets have been installed, the tiles have been delivered and painting should be just around the corner. The fixing stage also includes the completion of the internal plaster, architraves and skirting, stairs, basins, troughs and sinks, internal doors, cabinets and cupboards.

We have also organised a time in a few weeks for the curtain maker to meet us and Simon on site to do some window measurements.  The curtains will take about 6 weeks to make so getting them measured up now will mean they will be ready for handover.


Garage – ceiling is now plastered.

We are very happy with our colour selections of Pumice (the lighter colour) and Expresso Ligna (the darker one) for the cabinet laminex.






Kitchen – the desk area is a good use of the space.




View of the island bench


Kitchen – the gap in the middle is where the oven and cook-top will go.


Wine rack above fridge space.






Top of the stairs


Tile delivery


Ensuite vanity units.


Day 153: Lock-Up Complete

9 04 2013

lockupYesterday we got an SMS to notify that the Lock-Up invoice has been emailed to us and that the original is in the mail.  Sure enough, when we checked our email we had the invoice for Lock-Up in our inbox.

Today we noticed that the kitchen cabinets appear now to be complete with handles, minus the Caesar Stone benchtops.  The laundry cabinets also look like they have been completed too.  The cabinet installation forms part of the Fixing stage and based on the current indications from Simon, we are not far from reaching completion of this stage too.

Lock-Up Done. Next Fixing....

Lock-Up Done. Next Fixing….


Independent Building Inspections

28 01 2013

Construction inspectionBuilding a new house is a big investment and such a significant transaction requires thorough inspections.  This will ensure any defects (by reference to the Building Code of Australia and/or relevant Australian Standards) that exist are identified so they can be rectified early.  It also gives a peace of mind that multiple (knowledgeable) eyes have looked over the house.

Here are the results of a survey we posted in the HomeOne Forum of the stages that people have organised their own independent inspections.


It seems the 3 most common inspections are:

  • Frame
  • Pre-plaster
  • Pre-handover

Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances of ours who have built homes used inspetions at pre-plaster and pre-handover stages.  We found that the independent inspector in all cases found issues and defects (some were significant) which the builder fixed without any problems.  To highlight the benefits, here are a couple of comments we got directly from people who used independent inspectors:

  • “We got frame stage ,pre-plaster and will also get one at hand over. He found many faults at frame stage some were potentially detrimental to future validity of the home. He paid for himself at the end of the day. Only costing us around $1400 for the “key 3″ inspections.”
  • “We have completed our Frame stage inspection with our independent inspector and he found 8 issues and 6 are major issues according to Australian standards.”

Metricon use their contracted building surveyors to do their indpendent inspections.  In addition to this, we have decided to also engage our own independent inspection to have another set of eyes to go over the work.  We originally were planning to have 2 (pre-plaster and pre-handover) inspections, but given the cost of the inspection compared with the cost of the entire house we decided to go for the 3 most common ones.

Inspection prices varies between $260 – $900 per inspection depending on size of house, whether its single or double story and stage of inspection.  We are not sure if price is a reflection of the quality of the inspection.  If someone has a comment on this, we would like to hear from you.

We had several first hand recommendations and in the end we have engaged New Home Inspections.  We will organise the frame stage inspection soon as its nearing frame completion.

Here is a list of building inspectors in the Melbourne area that we have come across (some of which also have services in other states):

We’ll post our experience with the independent inspections as we go through them.