Day 406: 90 Day Service Inspection

18 12 2013

Today we met Paul, Metricon’s Service and Warranty Supervisor to go through the 90 day service items.  Its been 131 days since we got the keys and we have been extremely happy since moving into Our Nolan. The main issue has been the floorboards – there are a few damaged edges, gaps and general unevenness between floorboard pieces. The other items have been minor issues which haven’t detracted from the overall enjoyment of our home.

The list of items needing attention include:

  • Numerous paint defects (cracking and splitting)
  • Loose bath spouts
  • Dripping tap in power room
  • Incorrect shower hose in powder room and bath rooms
  • Shower rail bracket installed upside down
  • Silicon touch-ups
  • Bi-fold doors squeaking and not smooth
  • Ventilation return air vents not flush with ceiling
  • Floorboard issues (gaps, damaged edges, general unevenness)
  • Loose carpet near balcony doors
  • Tight latch on French Doors

Some of the items were fixed yesterday as part of Metricon’s New Home Service Inspection where they check thinks like doors and windows.  But most of the items will require a service call to a supplier of tradie to rectify.


Day 111: Pre-Plaster Inspection and Electrical Review

26 02 2013

Construction inspectionWe were notified by our Metricon Site Manager, Simon yesterday that the house was ready for Pre-Plaster inspection either today or tomorrow.  I was able to get Theo from New Home Inspections (the same folks who did our Frame Inspection) in short notice to do the inspection today at 10.30am.  And by 4pm today I got the report.  How’s that for prompt service by the folks at New Home Inspections!  Needless to say, I have now forwarded the report to Simon to followup.

As part of the Pre-Plaster inspection, Theo went over the defects that were identified from the Frame Inspection to make sure they have been fixed satisfactorily according to the building standards.  Whilst some items from the Frame Inspection have been fixed, there are still some defects still outstanding.  Hopefully it won’t take too long for Metricon to get the remaining items from Frame Inspection fixed in addition to the new Pe-Plaster defects.

bob_the_builder-can_we_fix_itWe also did our own walkthrough of the electrical work ourselves yesterday evening to ensure the switches, powerpoints, data points and TV connections were at the right locations.  We identified 3 items that were not correct which Simon has already raised with the electricians today.

We are making good progress into the build.  But what is more important for us is the quality of the work and the integrity of the build is vital and  that any defects get addressed.  To build a house is not cheap, so we want to make sure it gets done right.  Fixing defects now will be easier (and cheaper) than fixing them later.