Day 189: Photos of garage doors

15 05 2013

day189-2Here’s some photos of the garage doors.  The colour of the garage door goes well with the other colours we have selected and matches well with the timber stains on the door and window frames.  The gables above the garage still need to be stained with Cabot’s in Rich Walnut colour which should make it match the door better.

Overall we are very happy with how the whole facade is coming together!

Kristen met the tilers from Beaumont Tiles yesterday and they went through how the tiles will be laid out.  As our two main tiles are slightly different sizes they explained how in some areas the tiles will not line up.  It was really good that they explained this as it helps manages our expectations of how the final layout will look.  The tiling should be completed by this week.

The latest update from Simon indicated that the electrical and plumbing fit outs will start next week and the painting will finish on Saturday.  And Simon mentioned he will continue to follow up on a few quality issues.  Looks like we are making good progress – great job Simon & Metricon.

Front of garage: Gliderol Panel Glide - Classic Cedar

Front of garage: Gliderol Panel Glide – Classic Cedar


Rear of garage: Roller-a-Door - Evening Haze

Rear of garage: Roller-a-Door – Evening Haze


Day 187: We have garage doors

13 05 2013

Today saw the garage doors being installed to the rear and front of the garage.  As it is getting dark early as we head towards winter, photos will have to wait for another day.

We have started to get in touch with some landscapers to provide quotes for design and construction of our front and rear yards, in particular the hard landscaping needs.  We want to have the landscape done soon after handover.

Tiles start tomorrow!!!


Day 186: Drip Drip Drip …

12 05 2013

It’s been a little over two weeks since our last post.  The exciting news is that painting has started although sadly it stopped almost as soon as it began.   Unfortunately the plasterers had hit a water pipe with a screw and a leak had slowly developed which had gradually got worse. This was  discovered over the Anzac day long weekend when some water was found on the floor in bedroom 4.  The water leaking increased and found itself into the first floor ceiling and onto the ground in the family-kitchen area.


Water pooling in Bedroom 4 – coming from behind the plaster and skirting

The green L & H on the concrete slab below are areas where it needs to be leveled before floorboards can be installed.  L – indicating it is low and H – indicating it is high.  These were later leveled out with cement.


Water from the ceiling dripping onto the ground floor


Water damage in ceiling.

Once alerted to the issue our Site Manager, Simon promptly organised the plumber to investigate and fix the leak.  Once the leak was fixed, parts of the damaged plaster and skirting were replaced.

Ceiling replaced and re-plastered

Ceiling replaced and re-plastered

We have been really pleased that Simon acted on this issue straight away and made sure it was fixed quickly.  Whilst the water damage issue is not ideal, the positive from the situation is that it occurred at this stage before any floor coverings had been laid.  In the end we have probably been delayed by about 2 weeks. The good news is we are now back on track and painting has recommenced.

Other progress made in the past 2 weeks include:

  • Completion of the external cladding to the rear of the house
  • Completion of the gables above the garage
  • Cleaning of the ground floor bricks
  • Plumbing works including installation of downpipes
  • And various quality issue fixes around the house

Last of the cladding now installed – just needs to be painted.


Gables installed above garage. You can also see downpipes connected to the house.

The base coats of painting to the house have been done and some of the staining of the timber windows have started.  Here are some photos of the painting progress:




Study doors with Cabot Stain – Colour Rich Walnut


Family-Kitchen area. The ceiling where it was water damaged is now fixed up, good as new.


Kitchen area


Master Ensuite


Stairs and upstairs leisure room


Front door with Cabot Stain – Colour Rich Walnut. Door handled installed.


Siting room window stained

We got a call from Beaumont tiles today, to say that tiling will start on Tuesday. They have invited Kristen to come and have a look at the tiles before they start and discuss the layout which we weren’t expecting but are quite pleased about.

We also had Dollar Curtains and Blinds come in to do a measure and quote for all of our window coverings. We are keen to have these ready to go once handover takes place. Simon was happy to meet us on site so we could do this which was great. it will take 4-6 weeks for the curtains to be made once we confirm what we want and 6-8  weeks for plantation shutters which we are planning to get in a few of the rooms.


Day 149: Render complete, garage roof on and ktichen goes in

5 04 2013

Day149-3Wow, what a week Our Nolan has had. In addition to the stairs going in, we now have the final layer of render which  includes the colour, a roof on the garage and wait for it…. the kitchen!!! While the kitchen is not quite finished yet, the main cabinets and the island bench were installed today and it looks great. It’s always hard to know if what you choose from the tiny sample pieces will work together so to see everything coming together looking they way we wanted it to is a relief and and real thrill too.

Other items completed included water proofing to the wet areas and phone line connection from the house to the the Telstra pit on the nature strip. Once the weatherboard cladding at the rear is installed (next week) we should be getting close to lock-up completion.

View from the street

View from the street

Render is now complete.

Render is now complete.

Front door

Front door

Sitting room

Sitting room

Garage colorbond roof is now on.

Garage colorbond roof is now on.

From inside the garage you can see the truss and sarking.

From inside the garage you can see the truss and sarking.

View if the garage from the rear.

View if the garage from the rear.

Very exciting to see the kitchen go in.

Very excited to see the kitchen go in.


Day 142: Good Friday, Good Progress

29 03 2013

It is nice to have a extra long weekend with Easter!!  It’s been a few days since we have seen the house in full daylight as it’s starting to get dark earlier.

We got an update from Simon during the week and he advised that we would be at lock-up completion by this weekend.  The garage truss was put up on Wednesday with the gutter and fascia being added on Thursday.  The colorbond roof for the garage is not on yet, but should be by Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

Some of the other progress made during the week included the completion of the internal plastering work, the cornices and downstairs architraves.

If all goes well we should have our internal stairs and kitchen cabinets in by the following weekend.  These are the two things Kristen has been hanging out for.

We also had a site clean.




Day142-6 Day142-2

Garage truss installed.

Garage truss installed.

Site cleaned,

Site cleaned.

Looking through the front window we could see this door - looks like the front door!

Looking through the front window we could see this door – looks like the front door!