A Christmas cheer for us

24 12 2011

Our Sales Consultant, sent an email tonight at 7pm on Christmas eve to give us some good Christmas news  – our building project has been sales accepted by Metricon!!!

In addition we were advised that the 600mm extension to the Garage has been re-instated and the previous request for an increased step down to the garage is now no longer required.

We will still need to keep the reduced Outdoor Room (which is still bigger than the standard) instead of our orignal Grand Outdoor Room.  We went to see the Nolan display at Mernda Village last weekend which has an extended outdoor room (approximately 1.5m). Based on the size of the decking we had in our last home, we felt that the standard outdoor room wasn’t going to be big enough for what we want and whilst we can no longer have the super dooper grand outdoor room, the  1.5m extention will still make a difference.

We are now eagerly looking forward to seeing the preliminary plans and contracts early in the New Year.

Merry Christmas! Fingers crossed we may be in our new home by next Christmas.


The original house

21 12 2011

Here are some pictures of the original house which is now demolished.  It is a single level dwelling with 2 bedrooms, living, family, dining and kitchen.  In recent years, there was an additional bathroom added on.  There is also a bungalow out the back and a large pool which over the years has entertained not just the home owners but half the neighborhood too.  The land size is 708sqm.

Being built in the 1950’s there is some asbestos in the eaves and ceiling areas which the demolisher are aware of and have had to factor into the demolition process.