Landscaping Day 106 – More backyard decking

24 12 2013


More work on the back decking the last few days.  It is at a stage that we can use it – just in time for big family Christmas.  With the weather forecast to be 30 degress, we will sure make good use of the outdoor space.  The spotted gum is looking really good.

We requested to have decking screws to install the decking to the subframe as these will not come loose as easily, last longer and require lower maintenance.  Previously when we just had nails, we found that they came loose and consequently the decking lifted up from the frame.


Bi-fold doors opening up between dining room and alfresco.


Spotted gum decking up close. You can see the decking screws used to install the deck.



The decking instantly makes the backyard look bigger.


First part of the steps being constructed.


In the next few photos you can see extra concrete laid to complete the circular area outside the rumpus room window and decking.






103 Days of Landscaping in Review and Water Meter Relocation

21 12 2013

bobcatHere’s our first blog post since we started the landscaping construction.

We had to re-locate the water meter as it was in the middle of where the new driveway would go.  The process of moving the water meter was a pain due to some stuff ups by Select Solutions who are the contractors employed by the water authority, Yarra Valley Water, to officially re-locate water meters.  If the water meter was to move < 600mm your own plumber could do the move, be as we were relocating it a good few meters away so it had to go through proper authorities.  The cost to move the meter was around $1,900 (booked through Reece) and involved moving the meter to the new location and then connecting the meter and tap to a new mains located under the road.

The best information I could find about relocating water meters is in the document Water Metering & Servicing Guidelines (Section 6.3, page 11).

We completed our landscaping design with Ben from Daviscapes back in early July and landscaping construction started on 9 September.  Its been 103 days since we started and we are pleased we are making some progress after some rain delays during October.  We can now start to see the landscaping take shape and its starting to look great.

Below are some pics taken over the course of the construction.

Landscape Design v3. Copyright @ Daviscapes.

Landscape Design v3. Copyright @ Daviscapes.


Picture of the front before any landscaping works


The backyard before any earthworks. You can see the pink lines outlining the landscaping.


Digger in action. I think Ben calles it Daviscrapes!


Some of the dirt excavated from the back – there was a lot!


Back retaining wall foundations and brick going up





We like the curved wall – it softens the hard structure a bit. The curve was put in so we can put a trampoline in.




Render now applied. There was also some waterproofing underneath.


One of the guys from Daviscapes hard at work.


Rear decking going in. Makes the alfresco area feel bigger.



View from inside through the bi-folds towards the alfresco area and steps.

The boys unloading the digger from the truck

The boys unloading the digger from the truck


Front decking frame going in.


Front feature retaining wall


View of the front of the house.

We selectected Spotted Gum for the decking timber.  The finish of the wood is very smooth and the colour texture of the wood is great.  Another great selection.


Front decking almost complete


View of the front with concrete path base.  No more walking over dirt into the house!!
You can see Santa on the balcony.


View from the balcony


The retaining wall area – nice space.


The walk up to the front door. We are very happy with the white plantation shutters for the sidelight windows.


Nice going Daviscapes! 🙂


Landscape Design

2 06 2013

landscape-drawingWe are getting close to the completion of the house and the curtains have been ordered.  The next major item to organise is the landscaping.  With the wet weather, muddy conditions and young family we would like the landscaping started straight after we get possession of the keys.


We have met Ben from Daviscapes and decided to engage him to put together a design as we felt he was a good fit for our needs.  Here is some info about Daviscapes – PDF.

We are looking at getting the whole landscape design done:

  • Landscaping including excavation, irrigation, drainage and garden beds
  • Retaining walls
  • Front yard fencing
  • Front portico
  • Rear alfresco/outdoor area
  • Lighting
  • Side concreting
  • Driveway concreting including crossover relocation

We are looking forward to seeing the first output of the design hopefully late next week.   Once we have the design we can use it to get quotes for the construction, that way we can get an apples-for-apples comparison.  Daviscapes can also perform the construction, but it all depends on how competitive they are.

We already have a list of a few landscape construction contractors that have been recommended by friends.  However, if anyone has any other recommendations please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.


Day 187: We have garage doors

13 05 2013

Today saw the garage doors being installed to the rear and front of the garage.  As it is getting dark early as we head towards winter, photos will have to wait for another day.

We have started to get in touch with some landscapers to provide quotes for design and construction of our front and rear yards, in particular the hard landscaping needs.  We want to have the landscape done soon after handover.

Tiles start tomorrow!!!