Day 135: Facade reveal

22 03 2013

Today saw the scaffolding come down to finally reveal the Plantation facade that has been worked on over the past few weeks.  Its still not complete yet, but its taking shape.  We also saw the first signs of painting with the weatherboard cladding being painted with the colour Dulux Linseed.  We can also see that some of the first floor windows painted with Cabot’s Stain – Rich Walnut.


The Plantation facade is coming together nicely.



Here’s a zoomed in photo which show’s the weatherboard cladding colour. The render top coat which contains the colour has not been applied yet.


Gables (timber slats) on the roof also painted with Cabot’s Stain – Rich Walnut


Side on view from up the street.


Looks like the rubbish from plastering has been removed from inside the house.


Visiting Metricon’s Liberty on the Peninsula

15 07 2012

Liberty 39 at Peninsula

Today we took a day trip down to the Mornington Peninsula and we took the opportunity whilst we were down there to visit Metricon’s only Liberty display in Melbourne.  This display was only recently opened and is located right on the beach front on Point Nepean Road.  Nice location!

Visiting the display home was a way for us to keep our dream home alive since we are still gazing at our vacant block as we wait for council approval so we can get a site start.

The display home had a Plantation facade which is getting very popular as a few displays that have opened in the last 9 months have the Plantation facade.  The Liberty floor plan is very similar to the Nolan.  What was missing in the diplay home was the rumpus room and being 39 squares overall it did feel smaller than the 45 squares of Our Nolan.  We are glad we upgraded the size of the house.  Otherwise we liked the Liberty and the display was very well decorated and had a very good colour scheme that suited the coastal  surrounds.


The Metricon 2012 Bible

15 04 2012

We just got hold of Metricon’s 2012 Product Book which was just released.  We call it the ‘Metricon Bible’ as it contains all their homes from their different ranges and the available floor plans in a nice 248 page glossy book.  Its very nicely put together, good enough to be a coffee table book.  We find this book more useful in comparing the different house plans than using their website as its quicker to flick through the pages.

One thing we would have liked is a booklet that shows all the different floor plan options and house customisations (eg doors, electricals, cabinetery, structural etc) that are available along with the prices.  I think this would have helped us a lot and also save our Sales Consultant, Melissa and Customer Service Coordinator, Karen a lot of time from answering all our pricing requests.  It would also have helped us by suggesting ideas about what is available as its often “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

The Victorian Product Book can be viewed on the Metricon website here, but we highly suggest you get a physical copy.

Below are the corresponding Nolan pages from the 2012 Product Book.


New Nolan 45 Plantation display home in Melbourne

12 03 2012

Nolan 45 Plantation at Clyde North

Last weekend Metricon opened a new Nolan 45 Plantation display home in Clyde North (near Cranbourne).  Naturally we went for a drive this weekend to check it out.  The other two Nolan displays in Melbourne are 50 squares so we were interested to walk through the Nolan 45 and get a feel for what our place is going to be like.

Visiting the Nolan 45 was good because it allowed us to get a feel for how big the rooms are especially the bedrooms given the Nolan 45 doesn’t have ensuites (except the master bedroom of course).

Whilst the display was nice, the layout/design wasn’t a true reflection of our Nolan 45 plan and it was also different to the display pamphlet.  The display didn’t have a rumpus room, had the fifth bedroom option instead of the sitting room and the master WIR only had one entry which is the first time we have seen this layout.  We didn’t like the WIR because you had to walk around the bed to get to the entrance which we think would be a bit annoying, much happier with the version we have (you can just see the entrance to the WIR to the left of the bed in the photo of the Master Bedroom.

We have made so many trips to the various display homes but each trip always proves to be useful. This visit was no exception despite the floor plan not being what we were hoping to look at. On this trip we were able to review some features such as the front door handle, feature doors, internal door handles and carpet, as well as reviwing our lighting plan.

The Plantation facade must be getting popular as the last two Nolan displays to open were Plantations.


Picking a facade

17 02 2012

We have driven to almost all of the Metricon display homes over Melbourne since we started Our Nolan project.  We also drove around to several completed Metricon homes to help us get a feel for the various facades – it’s more real seeing the house in the flesh rather than looking at photos and computer generated images of the facades.

In the end we kept going back to the Plantation facade which also suits the neighborhood characteristics of where our block is situated.

To get an idea of our colour selections for our facade we used Metricon’s Studio M Envisage website (  While the image below is not quite what the Nolan Plantation facade looks like, it allows us to get a better idea of how our colour selections will work together.

Our Nolan Facade Colour Selections

The following image is the facade with details of the colours we have selected.

Our Nolan Facade Colour Details

Here are some photos and pictures of the Plantation facade from various Metricon house designs.  Though some of them are not necessarily the Nolan, it does give you an idea of the look.

Metricon Nolan Plantation at Greenvale



Our Metricon Nolan 45 floor plan v2.0

9 02 2012

As mentioned in our last post, we flipped our floor plans.  Here are our new floor plans for Our Nolan 45 which included some additional (yes more) alterations to the floor design.

To see the latest floor plans click here or see the “Floor Plans” link in the menu above.

We will provide more details about what things we upgraded once we have completed all our colour and electrical selection appointments.


Finally a Nolan display home with Plantation facade to visit

22 01 2012

Metricon Nolan 50 with Plantation Facade

Today we took a drive out to Greenvale to visit the new Metricon display centre at the Greenvale Providence Estate on Dellamore Boulevard.  This display was only recently opened (after Christmas) and has the Nolan 50 with the Plantation facade.  It is one of the rare displays with a double story house with a Plantation facade so it was only natural for us to take an interest in visiting the display.

We were really excited to visit this display as it is the first plantation facade of this style that we have been through. It gave us a chance to get a feel for what the views would be like with the pillars at the front.  We also enjoyed sitting on the balcony imagining what it would be like to sit out on our balcony relaxing in a comfy chair.  It also had the larger outdoor room which helped us confirm that we didn’t want to just settle with the standard outdoor room size.

Bedroom with highlight window


On our preliminary plans that we received earlier in the week we noticed that many of the upstairs windows had obscure glass to meet overlooking regulations. This means that the windows will be translucent or opaque and as a result when looking out of the windows we will not have a clear view.  Obscure windows are common for bathroom windows so you get privacy and a solution to meeting building regulations regarding windows overlooking neighbour’s habitable windows (again for privacy). We are not happy with having obscure glass for our windows. We want to be able to look out the windows and at least see the colour of the sky. While we were at the display home today we paid particular attention to the layout of the windows and noticed that none of the rooms upstairs had obscure glass windows.  What they had instead were highlight windows which are higher off the ground and more importantly have clear glass. This solves the overlooking problem while still allowing you to see outside.

Visiting the display home has given us some good ideas. We are going to work with Metricon to re-position some of the windows and implement highlight windows so that we can avoid obscure glass other than in the bathrooms.  Plus we really like the look of the windows too.


Preliminary siting received by email – grand outdoor room and wider garage deleted

6 12 2011

Last week we received the preliminary siting from our Sales Consultant, Melissa.  The siting requires some design amendments due to driveway gradient/slope, fall on site, neighboring habitable windows and garage wall height on boundary.

The proposed design amendments to fit the Metricon Nolan 45 on to our block includes:

  • A 307mm step-down to Garage to achieve the minimum grade driveway access
  • Deletion of Grand Outdoor Room extension – to be left as the standard Outdoor Room
  • Deletion of eaves to the south elevation of upper floor.

What was also missing on the preliminary siting is the 600mm width extension to the garage.

The removal of the Grand Outdoor extension and 600mm extension to garage is a bit disappointing.  As an alternative to the 3.3m extension of the Grand Outdoor Room, we have requested our Sales Consultant to include a 1m extension to the outdoor room.

It seems we cannot get closer than 2324mm to the fence of the neighbour south of us due to overshadowing habitable windows and as a result a width extension to the garage is not possible. The preliminary siting shows the maximum wall height on the southern side of the building to be 5.8m to top of gutter.

Does anyone know any regulations about how close we can get to the neighbour (reduced setback) as we would really like the garage extension even if its only nominal amount?  Is it difficult to get building approval for overshadowing habitable windows?

Edit [7/12/2011] – Thanks for a reader for posting a reply on HomeOne – click here to read.


Introducing the Nolan 45 by Metricon

22 11 2011

The new home we have selected for our knockdown and rebuild project is the Nolan 45 by Metricon. We have been looking at display homes on and off for the last four or five years and are now finally taking the plunge to build our dream home. We always seemed to be drawn to homes which had the same sort of layout that the Nolan offers and so when we came across the floor plan for the Nolan it seemed to tick all the right boxes give or take a few minor changes.

Here are the floor plans for the house with some of the design alterations we have made to suit our needs.  We have come across several other building blogs which have provided some of the inspirations for our design alterations.

Click HERE to view ‘pdf’ of the original Plans

The changes include –

Ground Floor

  • Relocate linen cupboard and wall to encompass toilet and vanity in one room with window on either side of the vanity.
  • Increased garage width by 600mm.
  • Added single rear roller door to rear of garage.
  • Internal Cavity Sliding Door to Study (but contemplating stacker door).
  • Internal Cavity Sliding Door to WIP.
  • Microwave tower (didn’t like the original location where you had to bend down below the bench to access).
  • Window Splash-back to stove area.
  • Upgraded PROMO timber stacker door to bi-fold doors from dining to alfresco area.
  • Increased alfresco area by adding option of grand alfresco with ceiling fan.

First Floor

  • Added alcove to WIR to master bedroom.
  • Ensuite swapped toilet and shower position.  Increased size of ensuite and gained larger shower.
  • Closed off doors from bathroom to Bed 3 and 4.
  • Relocate bath, shower and added double vanity to bathroom.