Contract signed

21 03 2012

Today we had a meeting at Metricon’s head office with our Customer Service Coordinator, Karen, to sign our final contract, yay!!!!! We had done A LOT of reading and reviewing the contract prior to the meeting and had put together a detailed list of variations and questions that we had and emailed that to Karen a couple of days prior to the meeting. This worked really well because she was able to answer our questions and generate a variation request which we were also able to sign off on today.

Whilst reviewing the contract and doing all the preparation was tedious we felt that it was a critical step in the whole process. With so many selections, variations on top of the additional contract clauses there are lots of pages to read as well as reviewing the all plans.

We had a few additional questions and requests for Karen during our meeting which she was able to refer to her manager and get approval for. We were really pleased with how flexible and responsive Metricon were to our needs.

We also paid our 5% deposit – our wallets are feeling a little lighter today, although we know the worst is yet to come eeek!! In return for paying our deposit, Metricon gave us a nice folio to store all of our paperwork, samples and other tid bits, complete with pen, calculator and note pad which is great and really handy.

After many, many, many pages of initialing and signing our life away, we felt quite excited to have reached this important milestone in the process. At the end of our meeting we had a nice chat with Nick, the Customer Support Manager and feel really positive about how things are progressing.

So now the count down to site start is really on. We were advised that given we have already demolished the old house and have our block ready to go (except for a bit of lawn mowing), the plans can now be finalised in order to get the building permit. We will have one more opportunity to review the final plans once the last couple of variations have been made.

According to our timeline, it has been 143 days since we signed the preliminary works and paid the intial deposit. So it has taken just under 5 months to get to this stage. If we had been told it would take this long when we started we would have thought no way, but the time has actually gone pretty quickly. There has been so much to do in that time and we actually feel like things have moved at a reasonable pace.

All we have left to do now is attend our tile selection appointment over the weekend at Beaumont Tiles. Woohoo 😎