Day 261: Final (Pre-Handover) Inspection

26 07 2013

home-final-inspectionWe originally had booked in for the final pre-handover inspection on Wednesday, but Metricon had to move it to today (Friday) as they wanted to get more painting fixes done before presenting to us.

It was busy at the house when we arrived with Simon, our Site Manager going over things with one of Metricon’s QA guys (Mick).  Theo from New Home Inspections (who was doing our independent inspection) was also there, and a few tradies doing maintenance works such as putting locks on doors.

Its been a few weeks since we have been inside the house and it was very exciting to see that we are so close to finishing. Having an independent inspector was good as he would pick up any structural or building regulation issues which we would not know about.  Theo did pick up a few items, one of the major ones was the surface finish and cracks in the garage which will need to be topped up with more cement concrete.


Armed with a box of red dots, we went through the house with Simon inspecting the finishes.  Anywhere we found a fault (eg paint blemish, cracks, holes, damage etc) we put a red dot so they can be fixed prior to PCI (Practical Completion Inspection). Metricon will have a combined list of defects from their QA person, New Home Inspections Report and our list of defects to fix next week.

It was good to see Simon pick up a few issues as well as it shows he wants us to have a quality house.  Some of the defects we found included:

  • Scratches in floorboard (hopefully these can be fixed up well).
  • Damaged fly wire screens.
  • Front door lock mechanism needed adjusting.
  • Light switch not working
  • Power switch plate had a white plate when it should have been a metal/chrome plate.
  • Scratch in powder room mirror.

Early next week will also see the final electrical items go in, including all the kitchen appliances, hot water system, outdoor fan and ducted vacuum.

Here’s a few photos we took today:

Our pretty house!!

Our pretty house!!

Pillar lights

Pillar lights

Pillar Lights from another angle

Pillar Lights from another angle

Today was the first time we saw the stain on the stairs which has definitely finished off the stairs quite well.

Stained stairs

Stained stairs

Close up of stairs

Close up of stairs

View of the stairs from above

View of the stairs from above

View of stairs from leisure room.

View of stairs from leisure room.

Bi-fold doors complete with door handle

Bi-fold doors complete with door handle

Close up of door handle on bi-fold

Close up of door handle on bi-fold

Laundry splash back

Laundry splash back

Laundry splash back

Laundry splash back

Lock and handle on sliding door to powder room

Lock and handle on sliding door to powder room

Study 'feature' door now complete with handle

Study ‘feature’ door now complete with handle


Balcony complete with wire balustrades

Some of the dots throughout the house indicating some maintenance need

Some of the dots throughout the house indicating a defect

Aircon unit

Aircon unit

Speaking with Simon, we are his last house in the Northern Suburbs.  Due to some changes at Metricon he is now working out in the East (around the Wantirna area).  Whoever has him now will be in good hands.

We also got the final invoice from Metricon’s office today.

We need to start packing soon….


Day 212 – Latest review of progress – Electrical Fitoffs

7 06 2013

powerpointIts been awhile since we have provided an update on the house.  This week Kristen met our Site Manager, Simon, on site for some plantation shutter measurements and to get an update on progress.  Things have been progressing well and looks like we can finally say we will have handover NEXT MONTH !!!  (assuming things keep going well).

Last time we saw a lot of the plumbing happening.  This time around we have seen a lot of the electrical fitoffs being done.  Many of the powerpoints, tv aerials and data points have been installed.  All the light fittings have been done including the light bulbs.

Many of the door handles have started to appear and the robes now have mirrored doors installed and fitted out with rails.  Also the windows have been cleaned and the fly screens have been installed.


We have lights!

We are looking forward to replacing the light fittings with LED downlights and last weekend we have started to visit some lighting stores – we will need to purchase around 84.  That’s a lot of downlights!




Sitting Room – Kristen loves the feature wall!

During the electrical appointment we weren’t sure if we should got with 2 or 3 stair lights.  In the end we went with 2 and we are more than happy with our decision.


Stair lights


Light up the stairwells


Mirrored doors for the robes – these were part of a promotion


In the master bedroom we elected to have a set of double rails – one on each end of the WIR


All our thrones (toilets) look like this


Family room electrical fitoff – ready for some serious entertaining. 2 Tv aerials, 3 data points (CAT 6), quad powerpoint and a conduit for the TV cables


Door handle

A few things that still need following up:

  • A powerpoint in the kitchen needs to be relocated due to it being in the way of the glass splashback.
  • Water not draining properly along one side of the house
  • Brick mortar need fixing near kitchen (brick cleaners blasted some of the mortar out)
  • Laundry splashback still needs to be completed – looks like not enough tiles were ordered.
  • Pillars need to be re-rendered
  • Gables need fixing as it was not installed properly
  • Some replaster and plaster fixes

It’s really great to see things progressing well.  Floors should start sometime next week.


Day 164: Fixing Stage Complete

20 04 2013

toolboxAnother stage complete, another invoice.  During the week we completed the Fixing Stage.  We are now down to the final straight to the finish line.

All the cabinets have been installed, the tiles have been delivered and painting should be just around the corner. The fixing stage also includes the completion of the internal plaster, architraves and skirting, stairs, basins, troughs and sinks, internal doors, cabinets and cupboards.

We have also organised a time in a few weeks for the curtain maker to meet us and Simon on site to do some window measurements.  The curtains will take about 6 weeks to make so getting them measured up now will mean they will be ready for handover.


Garage – ceiling is now plastered.

We are very happy with our colour selections of Pumice (the lighter colour) and Expresso Ligna (the darker one) for the cabinet laminex.






Kitchen – the desk area is a good use of the space.




View of the island bench


Kitchen – the gap in the middle is where the oven and cook-top will go.


Wine rack above fridge space.






Top of the stairs


Tile delivery


Ensuite vanity units.


Day 147: Up up and away – staircase to heaven

3 04 2013

Today is another exciting day in the “Our Nolan” journey. We have stairs!!!! They look amazing, we love the look and are really pleased that we went with the stainless steel balustrades.  The temporary front door  has also been replaced with the permanent door going on today – looks great.

We have also had the bathroom window upstairs go in. It is quite small but we are hoping that it still allows enough light in.


Our Nolan – notice the front door? 🙂


Closer view of our front door – Hume Savoy X26 with Translucent Glass.


Staircase to heaven.


The last window – the bathroom (the small one) is now in.

homelovebook We recently posted about our visit to the new Bordeaux display in Balwyn.  Today we received a lovely letter from Kate McGrath, Metricon’s National Marketing Coordinator and a signed copy of Megan Morton’s Home Love book in appreciation for our comments and pictures. What a great surprise!!! We started to write this blog for our own interest and as a way to track this wonderful journey. Along the way we have had lots of people stop by and ask questions and leave comments. We figure that we put our experiences out there and if it sheds any light or can help other people with their building experience then that’s great too. We never expected anything from Metricon but to know that they are reading our blog and appreciating our comments gives us a real buzz. We have just recently ticked over 30,000 page views and hope people are enjoying the ride.