Day 215: Timber floors goes in

10 06 2013

day215-6Today saw the start of the timber floorboards installation.  We upgraded the laminated floors included in our promotion to Timber Floors – Boral Blackbutt.

The locations of the timber floor includes Entry (through to Kitchen), Kitchen, Walk-in Pantry, Family room, Dining room and storage under the stairs.  The timber floors are installed over a high density foam, moisture resistant underlay.

Note – if flooring is included in your purchase as part of a promotion, you should check to see if this includes the storage area under the stairs.  Normally this area is NOT included and you will need to add it in.  Otherwise when you open the door to under the stairs you will just have concrete which we didn’t think it would look too nice.


The timber floors really start to transform the look and feel of the rooms – it really brightens up the space compared to the dull concrete.

There are a still a few fit off and painting activities to go and we were worried about the floor being damaged.  However, looking through the contract we found that there is a “Protective sheeting will be laid over the completed timber floor to provide protection against accidental damage during the final stages of construction. The protective sheeting becomes the responsibility of the client after handover.” This protective sheeting will also be handy when we move our possessions into the house.


Timber floors in the dining area

Timber floors in the WIP

Timber floors in the WIP

Timber floors in the kitchen

Timber floors in the kitchen

View of the timber floors in the kitchen area

View of the timber floors around the kitchen area

The last week has also seen part of the glass splashback installed in the kitchen.  The colour of the splashback took a bit of time for us to warm to – at first we thought it may have been too dark, but over time we think it does go well with the Cesarstone bench.

Glass splashback and ceasar stone bench top

Glass splashback and ceasar stone bench top

The tiler has been back to tile around the glass backing boards in the powder room, bathroom and ensuite.

Tiling around mirror - Powder Room

Tiling around mirror – Powder Room

Tiling around mirror - Bathroom

Tiling around mirror – Bathroom

Tiling around mirror - Ensuite

Tiling around mirror – Ensuite

The shower in the ensuite had an extra row of tiles added as the glass frame is higher.

Ensuite Shower

Ensuite Shower

We are looking forward to seeing the remainder of the timber floors installed this week.


Day 192: Tiling progress

18 05 2013

Day164-1Tiling was the main activity this week.  The tilers started on Tuesday and 4 days later it is almost complete.  We only went with the tiling to the wet areas – powder room, bathrooms and laundry.  We also went with the standard (minimal) tiling.  We did consider full height and and half height tiling, but didn’t think it was worth the added expense (tiles and labour).

Our main colours for the bathroom are Harmony Beige for the floor and wall and Minimal Chocolate for the shower walls.  Here’s our post on the tile selections.


Powder room

In the powder room shower we have added a tile strip to break up the colour a bit and to provide a bit of a feature.


Powder room shower

And here’s a photo of the layout of the tiled shower base.




The two bathrooms upstairs have a shower recess.


Master bedroom ensuite


Master bedroom ensuite

The tiles used in the balcony is Select Taupe.



Day 189: Photos of garage doors

15 05 2013

day189-2Here’s some photos of the garage doors.  The colour of the garage door goes well with the other colours we have selected and matches well with the timber stains on the door and window frames.  The gables above the garage still need to be stained with Cabot’s in Rich Walnut colour which should make it match the door better.

Overall we are very happy with how the whole facade is coming together!

Kristen met the tilers from Beaumont Tiles yesterday and they went through how the tiles will be laid out.  As our two main tiles are slightly different sizes they explained how in some areas the tiles will not line up.  It was really good that they explained this as it helps manages our expectations of how the final layout will look.  The tiling should be completed by this week.

The latest update from Simon indicated that the electrical and plumbing fit outs will start next week and the painting will finish on Saturday.  And Simon mentioned he will continue to follow up on a few quality issues.  Looks like we are making good progress – great job Simon & Metricon.

Front of garage: Gliderol Panel Glide - Classic Cedar

Front of garage: Gliderol Panel Glide – Classic Cedar


Rear of garage: Roller-a-Door - Evening Haze

Rear of garage: Roller-a-Door – Evening Haze


Day 164: Fixing Stage Complete

20 04 2013

toolboxAnother stage complete, another invoice.  During the week we completed the Fixing Stage.  We are now down to the final straight to the finish line.

All the cabinets have been installed, the tiles have been delivered and painting should be just around the corner. The fixing stage also includes the completion of the internal plaster, architraves and skirting, stairs, basins, troughs and sinks, internal doors, cabinets and cupboards.

We have also organised a time in a few weeks for the curtain maker to meet us and Simon on site to do some window measurements.  The curtains will take about 6 weeks to make so getting them measured up now will mean they will be ready for handover.


Garage – ceiling is now plastered.

We are very happy with our colour selections of Pumice (the lighter colour) and Expresso Ligna (the darker one) for the cabinet laminex.






Kitchen – the desk area is a good use of the space.




View of the island bench


Kitchen – the gap in the middle is where the oven and cook-top will go.


Wine rack above fridge space.






Top of the stairs


Tile delivery


Ensuite vanity units.


Tile Selections

27 03 2012

Last Saturday we drove to Beaumont Tiles in Oakleigh for our 9.30 am tile selection appointment.

We had visited the showroom on two occasions previously and spent some time looking around at the various options.  We had brought some samples home on both occassions and had narrowed down what we wanted. We were able to do this for a mosdest $20 deposit. If we wanted to keep the tiles we basically just forfeited our $20 and kept the tiles. We had included these tile samples in our thinking during our other colour selection appointments so we were confident that everything was going to work well together.

Another little bit of homework we had done prior to the appointment was to requeset the colour selection documents for the display homes we had seen and liked the tiles in, which ended up steering us towards our eventual selections.

On the day of our appointment we spent some time looking around the showroom again but ended up sticking with our original choices. We went through the selection process with our Tile Consultant, Jayde, who was really helpful and friendly and made the whole process a breeze. We were quite impressed with Jayde’s knowledge of what tiling was in some of the Metricon display homes.

For the floors in all the wet areas we selected Harmony Beige, for the showers in the ensuite and bathroom which both have three walls we are having a feature wall in Minimal Chocolate. For the shower in the powder room which only has two walls we are haveing Minimal Chocolate for both walls with a feature strip called Cen Blend Crem/LtMar/Trav/Dk Honed running vertically about half a tile in on one of the walls.

The only other tiles we had to select were for the laundry splash back and the balcony floor. For the laundry we went with Alto Eggshell for the walls and for the balcony Select Taupe Textured. We also selected our grout. One of the things we were worried about was the grout getting dirty if we had a lighter colour because we had seen a lot of the display homes looking pretty average but we were advised there is a sealer you can paint on after handover which will prevent this.

One of the handy things about the Oakleigh showroom is that it is next door to a Carpet Call showroom which is who we are getting our carpet through. We were able to get the sample of the carpet we had chosen already and bring it in to compare it with all our tile choices. We had also taken all of our other samples for our cupboards, benchtops and floorboards along with us so it was great to see all of our colour selections together at once.

Our tile appointment was completed in 1.5 hours.  Didn’t take long at all but again, preparation was key.

Today we received the variation and costings from the appointment, another eeek moment but one we are happy to live with as we are very happy with our choices. We now just have to review this an sign it off and then we will have another tick on the list of things to do before site start.

The colour in the images below are not neccessary an accurate representation of the actual tiles we have selected, but they give you a rough idea.


Timber floor choice and samples galore

10 12 2011

Yesterday we received our timber floor sample from Boral by courier. We received 2 strips of 370mm long x 133mm wide and by joining them together we have got a nice colour sample that we can match with our other selections.

The Boral Silkwood Timber Floor colour we have decided on is Blackbutt.

Blackbutt has a Janka hardness rating (relative measure of resistance to impact and wear) of  of 9.1.  The hardness rating is a consideration to ensure it is durable enough for foot traffic (and kids!) – if you go to display homes you can see dents in the floor where people have walked in with high heals.

Boral Silkwood Blackbutt

Below is the collection of samples of Laminex and Caesarstone we have accumulated over the past weeks (see previous post on larger Laminx samples).

You can see underneath the samples the 2 tiles we have selected to go with for the wet areas.

Laminex, Caesarstone and Tiles

We now have most of the samples we need to come up with our choices…..


A trip to Beaumont Tiles

3 12 2011

Today we took a trip to Beaumont Tiles in Oakleigh to prepare for our tile selections.  Beaumont Tiles is Metricon’s tile supplier and today was our second trip to the showroom.  On our first trip we took home 5 sample tiles to match with the various other colour samples we have for our benchtops and cupboards.

We have seen several displays with beige tiles which we liked.  At the moment we are thinking along the lines of:

  • Harmony Beige (300 x 600) for floors and walls throughout the wet areas (laundry and bathrooms)
  • Minimal Chocolate (300 x 600) for the shower recesses as a bit of a feature in the bathrooms