Day 93: Bricks delivered and house is wrapped

8 02 2013

day93-4We didn’t get on site today, but on our drive by after work we saw that the first floor is now also wrapped in blue.  The whole house looks like a smurf hut!

The scaffolding is gone which means most of the first floor external frame and wrapping is complete.  However, we are not sure if the wrapping is totally finished as there are a few loose bits hanging loose and just flapping about and there are parts still not fully covered.

We noticed that the bricks got delivered today.  Bricking should start next week.  Our bricks are Boral Mocha and from what we can see it has some nice blue tinge to it.


Front view of house – lots of bricks in the foreground


Side of house


Bricks delviered – our bricks are Boral Mocha

Brick - Boral Mocha

Brick – Boral Mocha