Suppliers and services we used

We will add to this list as we go.  We are more than happy to provide direct feedback on any of the suppliers and services we used.
Land and Property Transfers
Jim – 0419 553 188

House Builder

Melissa – (03) 9859 0830
Knock down and build Sales Consultant – Melbourne Metro

Independent Building Inspections

(03) 9708 2500
Temporary Fencing

Moe – 0400 11 11 31
Amor – 0400 00 54 54

6 responses

20 08 2013

Hi There,

Congrats on your house!!! I would really love to know how you found the process surrounding having a builder combined with a building inspector. Was the relationship improved by you having an independent inspector? Did you feel more confident about the process having the inspector and did you feel that it provided a real benefit towards the completion of your home to a quality finish? Was there anything that you would do differently if you had the opportunity?


31 08 2013

Hi Paul,

I have to say the whole independent inspection process went very well. We found New Home Inspections very good and found that our Metricon Site Manager, Simon, followed up and fixed the defects as appropriate.

The Independent Inspector did pick up items that Metricon’s own QA did not find. Whilst we can pick up some items ourselves, there are many to do with building regulations and structural integrity that unless you are a builder you will not pick up. So for the amount you spend on building the entire house, to spend $1000 to $1500 to make sure all things are right, definitely provides a peace of mind. We are very glad we did it and would highly recommend others do it.


30 07 2014

hi there ,
Have just found your page and have spent quite a while looking at your build , what a process and what detail you have done for all to see , thank you .

We have a slopping block also and are having trouble deciding on what to do,
the current house has a double garage and workshop underneath then a house on top, i was leaning towards the similar design rather than “scrapping” the block but the extra costs have proven quite expensive to build a garage underneath again. Did you arrange the demolition and block clearing yourself and the retaining walls ? We have also spoken to Metricon and been told they wont do slopping blocks ? we have been looking for over 12 months and seem to no further forward than when we started.

mark and sue

2 08 2014

Hi Mark and Sue,

Metricon will do sloping blocks up to a certain point. Ours has a slope that required quite a bit of retaining walls. Not sure if Metricon have changed their policy on sloping blocks?

I know when we were looking for a builder, many of the volume builders were cautious of accepting the work. We did look at getting a sloping block specialist and building on stumps (rather than a slab) and that was a fair bit more expensive – also we didn’t like the idea of having too many split levels in the house.

We arranged the demolition and clearing of the block. However, the retaining walls were done by Metricon.

What is the slope of your block?


5 05 2017

Hi guys I’ve loved reading your blog and have made notes on your journey, and have taken advice re having the building inspections. Can you provide some general guidance on how you introduced this to your builder? When did you advise them? How did they respond? How accomodating were they to this 3rd party? And anything else that you provide on this engagement would be great

20 05 2017

Hi Mezzie, its quite common practice and well accepted approach.

So we just mentioned to the builder we will be getting independent inspectors at the various stages (eg frame, lock up, final etc). And then it was just a matter of organising a time for the inspector to come on site with the building supervisor.

The inspector will provide a report (within 24 hours) which you just then pass on to the builder to rectify. We didn’t have any problems getting the things fixed as the defects are mostly to do with building regulations/policies.

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