103 blog posts and 40,000 page views later…

27 05 2013

Overnight we have reached 40,000 page views!!! Woo hoo!

The blog visits has reflected our journey to date, a bit slow at the start but the last 6 months has seen good progress.

Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  And for those who are building or about to do a build with Metricon, hopefully our journey and advice has been helpful.



Day 147: Up up and away – staircase to heaven

3 04 2013

Today is another exciting day in the “Our Nolan” journey. We have stairs!!!! They look amazing, we love the look and are really pleased that we went with the stainless steel balustrades.  The temporary front door  has also been replaced with the permanent door going on today – looks great.

We have also had the bathroom window upstairs go in. It is quite small but we are hoping that it still allows enough light in.


Our Nolan – notice the front door? 🙂


Closer view of our front door – Hume Savoy X26 with Translucent Glass.


Staircase to heaven.


The last window – the bathroom (the small one) is now in.

homelovebook We recently posted about our visit to the new Bordeaux display in Balwyn.  Today we received a lovely letter from Kate McGrath, Metricon’s National Marketing Coordinator and a signed copy of Megan Morton’s Home Love book in appreciation for our comments and pictures. What a great surprise!!! We started to write this blog for our own interest and as a way to track this wonderful journey. Along the way we have had lots of people stop by and ask questions and leave comments. We figure that we put our experiences out there and if it sheds any light or can help other people with their building experience then that’s great too. We never expected anything from Metricon but to know that they are reading our blog and appreciating our comments gives us a real buzz. We have just recently ticked over 30,000 page views and hope people are enjoying the ride.