Day 131: Cladding and Rendering

18 03 2013

day131-1Today saw some work which was very apparent.  The carpenters have been busy putting up the weatherboard cladding and the rendering to the front has started.  The facade is now really taking shape!

According to MyMetricon, the Lock-up stage is scheduled to be complete on 25 March which is only next week.  There seems to be still a bit of work to go before Lock-up is complete including putting up the garage roof truss and roofing.  And they can’t do this until they finish with the balcony, first floor cladding and render to the first floor so they remove the scaffolding which is blocking the garage roofing work.





Day 130: Brickwork complete

17 03 2013

It’s been a while since we have provided an update.  As of today, the scaffolding is still up and it seems the bricklayers equipment have been removed from the site.

Our usual front of the house photo

Our usual front of the house photo

The the first floor bricking was completed on Wednesday (13 March).  We think (???) this completes the brickwork part of the lock-up stage.  There were a few bricks left over which we will want to keep, but will probably not enough to do anything significant with.  One of the next things to be done is to clean the bricks.


Some of the nice brickwork. We love the colour. Bricks will need to be cleaned.

We have noticed the eaves have been installed but not sure if they are complete (???).


Closeup of the eaves at the front of the house.

The carpenters have been back to work on the pre-plaster defects and the balcony.  The cladding (Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard) has been delivered and it looks like the carpenters will be putting these up in the coming days to the front and rear of the house.  The metal capping has been installed on the balcony in preparation for the weatherboard cladding.


Balcony is starting to come together.


Metal capping on bricks ready for cladding.

Below: We went through the house and marked up on the frame (which you can see in blue in the photo) and on the plans where we would like towel rails and toilet roll holders.  Our site manager, Simon, got the carpenters to put in some noggings for the towel rails and toilet roll holders which was great based on our markings.


One of several noggings throughout the bathrooms and toilets – this one is for toilet roll holder.

We have been really pleased with the work our Site Manager, Simon, has been doing.  Simon has been fairly prompt with replies and has worked with us to find solutions to any issues that have arisen and has been following up with the quality issues and defects which has been great.  We might have to nominate him for best site manager award (if there is one). 🙂  We are hoping to get a walkthrough in the coming week with Simon once all the pre-plaster defects have been fixed and before the plaster goes in.

We are also waiting on Telstra to provide a quote/solution to the Telstra phone pit on the nature strip – it is currently where we will need to locate the driveway and the new crossover.

Below: We have noticed the following signage put up on our fence.  Looks like Metricon is getting in as much advertising as possible.