Metricon launches Lookbook to help with interior design ideas

14 04 2013

Metricon just added a new feature on their website called Lookbook –


quotation-marks-startLookBook is all about inspiring you to create a stylish home.  LookBook has exclusive information, tips and hints from our team of Interior Designers to guide you through the latest interior themes and teach you how easy it is to recreate the looks.

Global Fusion Living Theme - Living Area.  Callout with suggestions of design ideas.

Global Fusion Living Theme – Living Area, callout with design suggestions.

As we are now well into Fixing stage and only a few months away from completion, we have started to look into the major items that will need to be done soon after handover and moving in.  This includes landscaping, in particular the driveway and crossover, outdoor area and paths around the house.  Internally, the most important design item will be the window furnishings.  The Metricon displays are a great source of design ideas and it was really good timing that they launched Lookbook.  The best thing about Lookbook is the ability to view and search for design images and themes and then know which Metricon display homes that feature these themes.  This will help to identify the displays that we are interested in and possibly visit as part of our research.

Here’s an introduction video describing Lookbook:


A Christmas cheer for us

24 12 2011

Our Sales Consultant, sent an email tonight at 7pm on Christmas eve to give us some good Christmas news  – our building project has been sales accepted by Metricon!!!

In addition we were advised that the 600mm extension to the Garage has been re-instated and the previous request for an increased step down to the garage is now no longer required.

We will still need to keep the reduced Outdoor Room (which is still bigger than the standard) instead of our orignal Grand Outdoor Room.  We went to see the Nolan display at Mernda Village last weekend which has an extended outdoor room (approximately 1.5m). Based on the size of the decking we had in our last home, we felt that the standard outdoor room wasn’t going to be big enough for what we want and whilst we can no longer have the super dooper grand outdoor room, the  1.5m extention will still make a difference.

We are now eagerly looking forward to seeing the preliminary plans and contracts early in the New Year.

Merry Christmas! Fingers crossed we may be in our new home by next Christmas.


Preliminary siting received by email – grand outdoor room and wider garage deleted

6 12 2011

Last week we received the preliminary siting from our Sales Consultant, Melissa.  The siting requires some design amendments due to driveway gradient/slope, fall on site, neighboring habitable windows and garage wall height on boundary.

The proposed design amendments to fit the Metricon Nolan 45 on to our block includes:

  • A 307mm step-down to Garage to achieve the minimum grade driveway access
  • Deletion of Grand Outdoor Room extension – to be left as the standard Outdoor Room
  • Deletion of eaves to the south elevation of upper floor.

What was also missing on the preliminary siting is the 600mm width extension to the garage.

The removal of the Grand Outdoor extension and 600mm extension to garage is a bit disappointing.  As an alternative to the 3.3m extension of the Grand Outdoor Room, we have requested our Sales Consultant to include a 1m extension to the outdoor room.

It seems we cannot get closer than 2324mm to the fence of the neighbour south of us due to overshadowing habitable windows and as a result a width extension to the garage is not possible. The preliminary siting shows the maximum wall height on the southern side of the building to be 5.8m to top of gutter.

Does anyone know any regulations about how close we can get to the neighbour (reduced setback) as we would really like the garage extension even if its only nominal amount?  Is it difficult to get building approval for overshadowing habitable windows?

Edit [7/12/2011] – Thanks for a reader for posting a reply on HomeOne – click here to read.


Introducing the Nolan 45 by Metricon

22 11 2011

The new home we have selected for our knockdown and rebuild project is the Nolan 45 by Metricon. We have been looking at display homes on and off for the last four or five years and are now finally taking the plunge to build our dream home. We always seemed to be drawn to homes which had the same sort of layout that the Nolan offers and so when we came across the floor plan for the Nolan it seemed to tick all the right boxes give or take a few minor changes.

Here are the floor plans for the house with some of the design alterations we have made to suit our needs.  We have come across several other building blogs which have provided some of the inspirations for our design alterations.

Click HERE to view ‘pdf’ of the original Plans

The changes include –

Ground Floor

  • Relocate linen cupboard and wall to encompass toilet and vanity in one room with window on either side of the vanity.
  • Increased garage width by 600mm.
  • Added single rear roller door to rear of garage.
  • Internal Cavity Sliding Door to Study (but contemplating stacker door).
  • Internal Cavity Sliding Door to WIP.
  • Microwave tower (didn’t like the original location where you had to bend down below the bench to access).
  • Window Splash-back to stove area.
  • Upgraded PROMO timber stacker door to bi-fold doors from dining to alfresco area.
  • Increased alfresco area by adding option of grand alfresco with ceiling fan.

First Floor

  • Added alcove to WIR to master bedroom.
  • Ensuite swapped toilet and shower position.  Increased size of ensuite and gained larger shower.
  • Closed off doors from bathroom to Bed 3 and 4.
  • Relocate bath, shower and added double vanity to bathroom.