Day 243: Updated Landscape Design

8 07 2013

Today we got the updated landscape design from Ben which we love!!

Landscape Design v3. Copyright @ Daviscapes.

Landscape Design v3. Copyright @ Daviscapes.

And here are some of the perspectives of the landscape.  The first one is the front yard and the next three are the backyard – the last one a view from the covered alfresco area looking towards the rear.

Design v3 - Perspectives

Day 241: Landscape Design

6 07 2013

Today we met Ben (good bloke and very friendly) from Daviscapes on site to discuss the landscape design.

We really like the general layout of the latest version of the plans.  Ben has approached the landscaping from a holistic point of view, giving thought and consideration into the way the garden will flow, the various textures being used and elements that will capture the eye from various points of the house.  He has also incorporated our functional needs – for example incorporation of trampoline.

Doing a landscape design has really helped us visualise and get a feel for what the lanscaping will look like.  It is hard to imagine the backyard given we have a bit of slope, but Ben was able to show us a ‘walkthrough’ of the landscape on his laptop which really helped.

There’s a few changes/tweaks to be made to the design but the whole layout is something we can work with.  We should get the next version of the design and a quote for the construction next week – which we are really looking forward to considering we should be getting a handover from Metricon later this month.

Design v2

Landscape Plans v2. Copyright @ Daviscapes.


Day 236: On the home straight

1 07 2013

We have been advised by Simon that we are looking at a handover sometime this month.  Woo Hoo!!  The final straight.

The last 2 weeks has seen various final touches being worked on – there hasn’t been a lot of obvious change but its all this little bits and pieces coming together. The security fence around the front of the house is now taken down and we can get a full view of the front of the house.  The scaffolding has been put up again so the gables in the roof can be fixed up.


Parts of the colorbond roof near the rear have been replaced due to some damage caused by contractors when they have been working on the roof.

The RHS glass splash back in the kitchen has been installed – we are becoming more use to the colour and actually quite like it now.


The mirrors in the bathrooms have been installed – which has made a major impact to overall feel and look to the bathrooms.

Powder room vanity with mirror

Powder room vanity with mirror


Master bedroom ensuite vanity with mirror

The glass shower screen (frameless) in the master ensuite has been installed.

Frameless showerscreen

Frameless showerscreen

We have also found a bunch of items that needed attention and forwarded them to Simon.  He has been good in asking for us to let him know of anything we pick up so he can fix them.

Due to a supply issue, our appliances that were part of our contract (and part of the promotion we had) are no longer available.  The Zampetti appliances are now replaced with Technika equivalents:

  • Technika FHEE22A9S BOX Rangehood
  • Technika WD904SS & TT904 Microwave
  • Technika TDX6SS-3 Dishwasher

For amusement, here is a photo of a door stop that we found installed which seemed rather pointless.

Door stop that doesn't stop the door

Door stop that doesn’t stop the door

We have received a first draft of our landscape design from Ben at Daviscapes which we were impressed by but will tweaking to be more functional for our needs.  We have provided some feedback and look forward to the updated design.

We are also having some issues negotiating the replacement fence with one of our neighbours.  We hope to book in a fencer in a weeks time.


Landscape Design

2 06 2013

landscape-drawingWe are getting close to the completion of the house and the curtains have been ordered.  The next major item to organise is the landscaping.  With the wet weather, muddy conditions and young family we would like the landscaping started straight after we get possession of the keys.


We have met Ben from Daviscapes and decided to engage him to put together a design as we felt he was a good fit for our needs.  Here is some info about Daviscapes – PDF.

We are looking at getting the whole landscape design done:

  • Landscaping including excavation, irrigation, drainage and garden beds
  • Retaining walls
  • Front yard fencing
  • Front portico
  • Rear alfresco/outdoor area
  • Lighting
  • Side concreting
  • Driveway concreting including crossover relocation

We are looking forward to seeing the first output of the design hopefully late next week.   Once we have the design we can use it to get quotes for the construction, that way we can get an apples-for-apples comparison.  Daviscapes can also perform the construction, but it all depends on how competitive they are.

We already have a list of a few landscape construction contractors that have been recommended by friends.  However, if anyone has any other recommendations please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.